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About WPL Real Estate + Organic IDX Plugin by Realtyna

WPL is an advanced and robust WordPress Plugin for Real Estate Websites WPL has a flexible data structure that allows you to addremoveedit property data fields and shape the property details based on your requirements It also has a flexible and dynamic Search widget that allows you to addremove certain search parameters according to your needs.

Other features

Complimentary Installation Service Need help with installation We have you covered with complimentary service.
•Configuration Support Help and guidance through all configurations and installations of our products.
•Priority Support Get the attention you need and set priority for your support tickets.
•Widget Shortcodes Allows admin to publish a widget within page content.
•Shortcode Wizard Fully manage different layout views for properties.
•Property Listing Customizable displays of property results.
•Property Show Ability to display all details of a property on a single indexable page.
•Listing Type Full control and customization defining listing types such as For Sale For Rent Vacation Rental etc.
•Property Type Full control specifying and defining property types through the backend.
•Agent ListingProfileWidget Easily display agents that represent each property and create profiles with contact information for them With the widget you can easily drag and drop agent information where you want on your site.
•Dynamic Metadata SEO options are at your fingertips Easily edit and change metadata and insert keywords for your marketing needs.
•Radius Map Search Visitors can activate a radius distance parameter in their search.
•Carousel Widget Powerful widget with premium feel Customizable and capable of filtering properties to display in a carousel slide.
•Advanced Sort Options Ability to filter and sort search results based on customized defined options.
•Scroll Pagination Create a streamlined page by keeping all search results on one page that loads as you go.
•More Details Declutter your page with the option to add a more details tab to separate a large number of data fields.
•Sort Options Fully customizable sort options with addeditdelete functions Ability to filter and sort search results based on defined options .
•ListGrid Switcher Be versatile Give the option to visitors to switch between list and grid views.
•Room Type Add edit and manage different room types as fits your needs.
•DeletingRestoring Easy deletion and restoration of property records.
•Purging Ability to permanently delete records from the database.
•Open House Info Ability to include Open House information in the property details.
•Access Control Assign various levels of access to usersagents to the backend system.
•Location Text Search Ability to manually enter location fields into the system.
•Hide Null Data Automatically hide data fields without values.
•Call For Price This lead generating feature allows you to show a custom text such as Call for Price instead of a data field with the dynamic Flex System.
•Hide if Zero Set a field to become hidden if value is set to 0.
•Unit Management Not from the US No problem Full control on unit measuring systems.
•Multi Currency Daily syncing of currency exchange rates so you dont lose your international clients.
•ImportExport Feature for WPL Settings Menu Easily export settings in XML JSON or CSV formats to import to another WPL.
•Abuse Report Your website will have integrity Allow visitors to report inappropriate content.
•Location Database Search The option to activatedeactivate specific location search criteria.
•Property Confirmation Ability to add admin confirmation before publishing new listings.
•Map Type for Google Maps Enjoy the ability to choose between 5 types of map views.
•Mouseover For Property Markers Allows visitors to view property detail by hovering over a property with a mouse.
•Solving Bugs Bug fixes performed on a routine basis.
•Frequent Updates Updates rolled out as often as our developers can work.
•Support Forum Customer support for all things regarding our products and services.
•Knowledge Base Article Access Access to hundreds of selfhelp articles about our products and services.


WPL421 7302018 revision 4229.
• Removed overview control from map activities due to removing it from Google Maps API.
• Fixed some issues.
•WPL420 7232018 revision 4207.
• PRO Added an option to change sort option view to listdropdown.
• PRO Added Hierarchical Dropdown and Hierarchical Multiple Dropdown methods for.
•location field.
• PRO Added Listing Expiration feature.
• Added Right to left feature.
• Added redirect feature to property listing page when no listing found.
• Improved image lazy loading.
• Fixed an issue in Request a Visit and Send to Friend forms.
• Fixed some issues on search widget.
• Fixed an issue in property finalize.
• Fixed an issue in geolocation feature.
• Fixed column field issue in divi modules.
• Fixed a UTF8 language issue on PDF flyer.
•WPL410 4242018 revision 4086.
• PRO Fixed a date modification issue on sitemap feature.
• Added location settings per dbst field to disable enable different levels and also change the sort on.
•listing details pages.
• Added an option to enable disable property visits in property listings view.
• Added a lazy loading feature for WPL Carousel widget and some of gallery activities.
• Added Google recaptcha feature for WPL Forms.
• Improved the WPL unit manager.
• Improved the WPL runtime.
• Fixed an issue with listing ID search in location text search method.
• Fixed sitemap issue on yoast plugin.
• Fixed an issue regarding location searches on multilingual websites.
• Fixed an issue in property stats activity.
•WPL403 1302018 revision 3937.
• Improved IDX feature.
• Fixed some tiny issues.
•WPL402 1232018 revision 3919.
• Some improvements on IDX feature.
•WPL401 1202018 revision 3910.
•WPL400 1122018 revision 3897.
• Added an advanced IDX system.
• Added WPL Presentation Tour.
• Added an advanced map markers pins system.
• Added a new API key for Google Maps.
• Added location abbreviation to the location patterns.
• Added geolocation functionality to property listing.
• Added a feature to override listing type in similar properties of carousel widget.
• Added a new layout for carousel widget.
• Optimized location search.
• Improved functionality of reset button of search widget.
• Improved internal help tabs on all pages.
• Fixed an issue in property details page when WordPress jetpack plugin is activated.
• Fixed an issue in page builders related to search widget.
• Fixed an issue with property title in RSS.
• Fixed an issue regarding showing bathrooms instead of parkings.
•WPL351 07102017 revision 3419.
• Fixed some issues on VC and Divi builder compatibilities.
• Fixed a Divi conflict.
• Fixed an issue in showing Price Request form.
• Fixed some issues regarding images on WPL notifications.
• Fixed some PHP notices.
•WPL350 06282017 revision 3383.
• PRO Added ability to disableenable auto conversion for area and minmax area fie