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About WordPress Quiz System Plugin

WordPress Quiz System Plugin.
•Wordpress quiz system plugin allows users to create quizzes surveys or polls hosted on their wordpress install Drive traffic to your website and generate revenue with your quizzes polls and surveys by placing ads Now you can add a highly engaging audience to your business websites and blogs easily add a highly engaging visually appealing quiz survey or story to your website Optionally add interactive elements to an appealing interactive website or blog page that results with more traffic engagement and leads WordPress Quiz System Plugin is a premium wordpress plugin built to get your visitors feedback via a professional attentiongrabber poll.
•Create unlimited surveys quiz questions and answers with embedding options WordPress Quiz System Plugin is one of the easiest way of creating election campaigns voting campaigns polling campaigns questionnaire campaigns Now you can viral content that people are really excited and eager to share Your visitors can take part in the quiz and polls you create and this increases engagement by leaps and bounds You can create unlimited number of Quizzes with WordPress Quiz System Plugin and each quiz poll and survey is going to be responsive So your visitors can take part even from their mobile phones tablets Android And IOS.
•We have created the plugin by keeping in mind with latest WordPress guidelines so you can use the plugin rest assured that will work on all the WordPress themes you might have.
•Wordpress Quiz System Plugin Demo.
•User Name demo2.
•Password demo.
•Wordpress Quiz System Plugin Documentation.
•Why WordPress Quiz System Plugin.
• Discover More Options Opinions.
• Boost engagements poll survey quiz increase audience page views shares.
• Drive traffic from polls surveys quiz and form shares in social networks.
• Run contests and quizzes earn money from polling and quizes.
• Generate revenue by integrating ads in the poll survey quiz and form.
• Gather contact info such as emails phone ip social profiles while your audience participates in the poll surveys and quiz.
• Install our plugin setup accordingly and proceed with your first poll survey quiz and create a form in minutes.
•Creating polls surveys and quizzes with the service is highly intuitive and help is available anytime when needed.
•Wordpress Quiz System Plugin Benefits.
• Manage all of your wordpress surveys and polls from one dashboard.
• View the full participation list of users and you can track ip name email phone and social profiles.
• Filter the quiz and poll participant list according to voting.
• Each and every single poll and quiz form is customizable You can customize the poll feature to match your needs eg showdont show number of poll votes show poll results before after voting order poll sides by most poll votes or as configured etc.
• Customize the poll size poll font poll colour theme yourself or select from predefined poll styles and poll sizes.
• Embed the polls in different locations You can add a sidebar poll an article poll or polls in a poll section on your site.
• Prevent repeat voting in the poll Use cookie based IP based and social profile based methods to block repeat voting in your poll.
• Redirect voters after they vote in the poll You can configure to redirect the voters based on their vote in the poll.
• Set an expiry date for the poll you can configure the time in which the poll will be automatically closed You can also always manually open or close the poll.
• Set a correct answer in the poll to create a trivia poll.
• Add a branded logo to your poll.
• Add an email collection contact form to the poll so that users are requested to leave their email before viewing the poll results.
• Add a phone number first name and last name form in the polls so that customers must have to leave their share their details Not shippable.
• View detailed statistics of the poll including the users that voted on the poll the time spent on the poll votes graphs that display the poll results.
• And much more inside.

WordPress Quiz System Plugin Survey Features

Survey as many users as you like.
• Survey users with various survey question types.
• Surveys includes title text image social network integrations.
• Add images videos to the survey accordingly This is customizable.
• View the survey entries in the survey stats screen.
• Export the complete survey results.
• Embed your survey anywhere.
• Share surveys in facebook twitter Google or at any other social media platform.
• Unlimited quizzes polls and surveys.
• Unlimited number of sections for quizzes surveys and polls.
• Auto marking for quizzes with all multiple choice questions.
• Ability to limit quizzes and surveys to one submission per IP address WordPress user or computer using cookies.
• Ability to send customized notification emails.
• Ability to send notification emails to a single email address multiple email addresses or a group of WordPress users.
• Ability to have notification emails only be sent if the user got a certain score.
• Ability to have surveys and quizzes be taken by registered wordpress or other members.
• Ability to have quizzes and surveys with contact forms.
• Ability to have custom contact forms.
•Very Flexible And Convenient.
•Your poll quiz or survey can be graded with an incorrect correct system a pointsbased system or a system not at all You ask for contact information at the beginning or the end and you decide which contact fields are required You can decide to use all the questions or only a select few chosen at random You can also set the number of questions per page or have all the questions on one page.
•Categorical Feature.
•You can assign categories to your questions You can then show the user their score in a particular category or an average score of the categories.
•Our Plugin Is Cross Browser Compatible And 100 Responsive.
•Wordpress Quiz System Plugin is tested at Internet Explorer Chrome FireFox Opera and Safari Works well with tablets and mobiles the wordpress quiz system plugin always works fine and fits to the device screen to get the best visual display for the visitors.


There are chances that you face issues and in case of any malfunctioning hopefully not too many bugs but reports are crucial to improving the plugin Please report all bugs and issues you find to our help and support desk httpwwwranksolcomhelp If you are not able to report this issue directly then you may report it from our profile page.
•Premium Add Ons Will Be Added Soon.
•More exclusive and exquisite features of our plugin will be added soon Our professional programmers and engineers are working day and night in order to make our products more exclusive.
•Two of our current exclusive products are available for sale and are also trending at Our.
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Change Log

V 10 04072018 Stable version with polling and questionnaire functionality.
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