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About WordPress Email Tracker

WordPress Email Tracker is a plugin for tracking email status like the email sent read and all attachments downloaded The plugin allows you to send bulk email based on category or contact list created Using this plugin you can start a campaign send newsletters and send new updates to your customer.
•Why WordPress Email Tracker.
•Useful in the email sent status.
•You can check email is read by the recipient or not.
•Sent attachments downloaded.
•You can ask your user about the mail feedback or opinion once she read the mail.
•You can send bulk email in just one click.
•An email message can be saved later use.

Features of WordPress Email Tracker

WordPress email tracker has the option to import contacts in CSV and XLS file.
•Admin can set default message body email subject and from email id.
•This plugin has the option to enable or disable notify to the sender via email when receiver downloads the attachments.
•Option to add a new contact and new contact category.
•Admin can view email status list contact list category list and edit contacts category email status.