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About WooCommerce Name Your Price – Custom Pay Your Price Plugin

Increase your sales by empowering your customers to offer a custom price for your product WooCommerce Pay Your Price plugin allows your customers to bargain for the product price They can Name their price and pay to purchase product.
•The store admin can enable Pay Your Price feature for specific products and define the minimum maximum bargain price range.
•The customers can enter their offered price and if the offered price is within the range the offer is accepted and the customer allowed to add product to the cart and checkout If the offered product price is not outside the defined range a custom error message is displayed.

Key Features of WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugin

Empower Your Customers to Offer a Custom Price.
•Enable Pay Your Price Feature for Any Product.
•Enter Minimum Maximum Price for Each Product.
•Customize Error Messages Add to Cart Button text Optional.
•WooCommerce Name Your Price Plugin in Action.
•Request a Feature.
•Please contact our support team to request another feature or any customization.
•Frequently Asked Questions.
•Can I use this plugin to accept donations.
•Yes you can use this plugin to accept donation.
•Can I customize the error messages.
•Yes you can customize the error message to be displayed.