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About WooCommerce AJAX Add To Cart + Floating Cart | Popup Modal + Sidebar

You are able to set notification and popup cart options independently This means that you can set one type of notification for example a popup modal for add to cart and have a sidebar cart when you click on the floating cart icon.
•The option is up to you whether you want a modal add to cart notification and sidebar cart simple add to cart notification and modal cart or whatever combination fits your need.
•You can set the AJAX added to cart notification to be.
•Current product added to cart.
•Current product added to cart with editable quantity.
•Entire uneditable cart.
•Entire cart with editable quantities.
•Only show the floating cart disables added to cart notification shows.
•updated floating cart instead.
•This plugin enables AJAX add to cart functionality for single variable products as well as archives product categories and even product loops so itll work even on related products.
•Select from multiple notificationfloating cart types when a product is added to cart or cart opened.
•Popup Modal.
•Simple Sidebar.
•Simple Notification.
•On top of that you can also set the position for modals and sidebars as well as the entryexit animation.
•Responsive Customizable w Multiple Styles.
•All notification and floating cart notification types and styles are responsive Regardless if your users are on desktop mobile or tablet theyll experience the benefits of having instant addtocart and an automatically updated cart.
•Ajax Floating Cart.
•The floating cart has similar options in which you can show the full editable or uneducable cart.
•The floating cart allows customers to editupdate or remove products from cart without changing pages or refreshing The cart can be set to be sitewide and not just on shopproduct pages as well as being disabled from showing on certain pages.
•Multiple floating icon styles to select from.
•View the number of items andor cart totals from any page.
•Floating icon shows cart contents in the selected format modalsidebar when opened.
•Automatically updates cart contents.
•Multiple Display Options.
•Select entry and exit animations for modal and simple sidebar popups.
•Options include entrance animations including sliding in or out from left right top or bottom fade and flip.
•Multiple Display Positions.
•Select the position of your preferred notification to open.
•Custom ButtonHeader Colors.
•Modify themes even more and select your own button colorsbackgrounds easily to fit your theme.
•EnableDisable users from editing product quantity after product is added to cart without refreshing.
•Enables Ajax Add to Cart for Variable Simple Products.
•EnableDisable quantity for products on ArchiveCategory pages or product loops ie related products.
•EnableDisable Ajax Add to Cart on ArchiveCategory pages.
•EnableDisable Ajax Add to Cart for simplevariable products on product pages.
•Easily enabledisable floating cart at any time.