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About Woocommerce 3D Products

When you start with an awesome 3D Product designer you can create amazing things.
•Built with complete 3D eCommerce functionality in mind WooCommerce 3D Products is fully SVG Compitable with extensive functionality.
•Wants to know more what plugin can do..
•Frequently Asked Questions .

Online Documentation

As many users ask for online documentation before purchase I have uploaded it over server and everyone can see it here.
•It might be not completly updated according to new features but all basic to intermidiate details are still there.
•Do you Provide 3D models with plugin..
•No I have included one demo chair model in documentaion to test the plugin and how it works Rather than that i dont provide 3D model with plugin However you can hire me to build 3D model of your products separatly.
•Does this plugin support obj file..
•No Obj file do not contain any kind of texure data It only give object data So right now we only support FBX Collada and Json file format yet we have in plan to add support for more format in future and we might add obj into the list later.
•Will my product 3d model will work with your plugin or not how we can test..
•You can always test your 3d model here httpsthreejsorgeditor.
•Go to file menu Upload your exported model and see if that is loading properly there then it will work perfectly in our plugin After your model load if you see everything black dont worry You need to add light to scene which you can do from insert menu Also you can check material name of object part here in right side property panel as well If your 3d Model dont load here then it wont load with our plugin as well So you need to export your model again with updated fbx version or you can send us model to further test.
•Looking for Help..
•Look no further if its not something you can find in the User Guide I will be happy to help.
• .
• April 28 2020 Version 24..
• Fixed FBX Uploading issue Solved.
• Fixed Template Overried issue Solved Will work with any theme now.
• Improvement Font Library moved to new tab in WC 3d Options.
• Added Design Option added for Accordion Heading Bg and Text Color.
• Added Sample Tshirt Svg Added into Documentation Folder Assets FBXSVG.
• Removed jQuery UI CSS removed Now Accordion Design is Flat Simple.
• Under The Hood Completed Right Side Accordion each configuration type template loading through hooks now So Accordion Template can completely Overried by Function for different design purpose Documentation will soon update for same.
• April 22 2020 Version 232..
• Bug Fix Fixed Compability issue with SVG applying to specific material and normal material.
• April 19 2020 Version 231..
• Tested upto WC 401 WP 51.
• Added SVG can now apply to specific material only if wanted.
• Added Global Shadow On Off Option Added.
• Added Min Max Zoom features added at product level.
• Improvement Frontend Left panel Mat Image updated to load thumbnail rather then full Image.
• Improvement Backend Configuration Option Fields UI updated.
• Under The Hood In Development Converting Current Js into Modular Js with PUBSUB for future extension development.
• Sep 20 2019 Version 23..
• Added 3D Object Show Hide Configuration Type.
• Added Config Type Material Color can work with WildCard Configuration Id with Ex Color1 will get all ids from svg which have Color1 prefix and apply color to it.
• Added Config Type Material Color Can define default value initially.
• Fixed Ajax was not fetching data when price is not defined for product.
• Sep 06 2019 Version 22..
• Added Pattern Options for SVG material.
• Added Updated Custom SVG added to order details for admin only.
• Added Backend Option added to use one two side gradient change.
• Added Global Option to turn on off pricing features in WC 3D Option from setting.
• Fixed Frontend Option Error for non 3d products.
• Improvement Gradient Options remove 2 color selection Only one color selection and the group of color repeat 2 times for both side color selection based on option enabled.
• Improvement Backend Order Product Normal Image loading for non3d Products.
• Improvement Js improvement for all event dispatch and event queue.
• Improvement Doc has updated.
• Aug 23 2019 Version 212..
• Added Updated Product Image added to Cart and Order Product Image.
• Dev Added Filter for frontend Text color option only for config type Text wc3dtextcoloroptions.
• Dev Added Filter for frontend Gradient color option only for config type gradient wc3dgradientoptions.
• Fixed Gradient Missing second value.
• Improvement Removed extra fields from Configuration type Text Gradient.
• Improvement wcclean added before passing data to cart for security.
• Aug 16 2019 Version 211..
• Dev Added Filter for material group backend fields wc3dconfigidafter.
• Dev Added Filter for frontend material option only for config type Material wc3dmaterialsoptions.
• Dev Added Enabling Debug will load unminified js script for developers to find exact line in case of issue.
• Fixed Empty font data PHP error.
• Fixed Queryselector Js error.
• Improvement Show Texture image for material Texure.
• Improvement Config type Gradient Backend and Frontend Features to select individual color rather then gradient group.
• Aug 1 2019 Version 21..
• Official Release with SVG support and Separate Price for each material support.
• Added 3D option also work with WooCommerce Product Shortcode Only 1 product on page.
• Added Material Panel is changed to configuration Panel for more options.
• Added Text Field Options for SVG material.
• Added Font color Size and Family options for front end.
• Added Image Field Options for SVG material.
• Added User Upload Image for SVG Image Field.
• Added Gradient Options for SVG material.
• Improvement FrontEnd UI Improvement.
• Improvement Js improvement for loading data.
• Improvement Cart Product Details improvement Only display selected options and only additional Price.
• April 26 2019 Version 202..
• Added SVG support for unwrapped material Beta Feature..
• Added Use of multiple Material Name in single material group with comma.
• Added Additional Light Shadow Casting option.
• Added Save button for canvas in player.
• Improvement UI improvement for Material Option Selection.
• Feb 12 2019 Version 201..
• Added Separate Pricing for each Material Option Beta Feature..
• Improvement Loading Minified Script for security purpose.
• Jan 13 2019 Version 12..
• Added Play Pause button for auto rotate.
• Improvement UI improvement for 3D Player.
• Improvement Add to Cart button Replaced with Select Option Button for Products on Shop Page which have 3D options Activated.
• Dec 11 2018 Version 11..
• Improvement Texure Loader Used instead of image utility.
• Improvement Texture wrapping added with repeat.
• Added Full Screen Mode Added.
• Oct 3 2018 Version 1..
• Initial Release.
• FBX json and collada file format supported.
• Inbuilt 3 point studio light setup.
• Live material color and texure changing on website.