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About Who I Am? - 1 pic - 1 word game

• Guess what is shown in the picture and get points for it!
•The game is perfect for children and adults. Due to the fact that our brain perceives visual information best, the game is suitable both for teaching a child new words, and for learning new languages, killing time in a line or on the way home.
•The game is easy to edit and add: this assembly includes only the most necessary mechanics and visual design necessary for a good user response.  In this regard, this assembly consumes the minimum amount resources and takes up minimal memory.
•What do you get?
•ready game, which is easy to edit and supplement
•good looking graphics in HD resolution
•pleasant response sounds
•source in .capx format with comments, allowing even a novice to understand the game’s algorithms
•ready project in HTML5, Cordova
•full author support 24/7
•help in connecting the game to your own project