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About Text Message from WordPress Website

Programmable SMS.
•Send and receive text messages globally with the API that over a million developers depend on.
•Twilio Setting.
•Enable Twilio SMS ServiceWould you like to enable Twilio SMS Service from your website to send SMS to any number from your twilio number.
•Twilio SID Your Account SID from wwwtwiliocomconsole.
•Twilio Token Your Auth Token from wwwtwiliocomconsole.
•Twilio Number Valid twilio number from your twilio account.
•Message Dashboard.
•This is the terminal from where you can send the message to the user.
•Send message to Valid phone number whom you want to send text message eg 14789921160 Use one number at a time.
•Text message Text message need to be send to above number.
•twiliosendsms redirecturlfullurl titletitle for the shortcode loginusertrue.
•We have created a shortcode for the message dashboard to use in any page You can restrict to logged in and non logged in user Default it will be visible to all the users.
•redirecturl Where to redirect user after submission of the text message default it will redirect to home url.
•title Title of the message dashboard Default will be message dashboard.
•loginuser To restrict the shortcode message dashboard to logged in user need to pass true as an argument Default argument will be false so that all the user logged in and non logged in user will see the form and send message to any number from the registred twilio number.