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About Right Shot HTML5 Game - Construct 2 & 3 Source-code

• “Right Shot” is a very fun casual game that will test your skills and reasoning. With a “Drag and Drop” system you can pull the elastic to make the ball bounce and knock down the targets. Try to finish each level with as few balls as possible to get more points. You can pop boxes of TNT explosives to break more than one target at the same time and save balls. The designs are beautiful and colorful.
•- Easy to change the images, just replace the image file!
•- Developed using Construct 2 Release r277 and Construct 3 Release r189.2.


•:- HTML5 game Compatible With All Browsers
•- High Resolution (1280×720p)
•- AdMob Ads Supported in Construct 2 and 3 (NOT INCLUDED on source-code)
•- Playable on all platforms (PC, Mobile, Android, iOS)
•- Including Constuct 2 file (.capx and all the source)
•- Including Construct 3 file (.c3p and all the source)
•- 103 Events / 06 layers in some layouts / home menu / level select
•- Mobile Controls (Touch) and PC Controls (Mouse click)
•- Easy to Reskin / Easy way to add / replace images
•- Optimized for Mobile Devices
•- Documentation
•NOTE 1: The game’s Reskin is required for resale or publication in app stores, such as the Play Store, App Store, etc. For publication on html5 game sites or sites that do not resell the game, it is fully permitted, there is no need to reskin it.
•NOTE 2: Does not contain PSD, AI files, JPEG and PNGs files.
•NOTE 3: You must have the paid version of Construct2 or Construct 3 to export to Android or IOS. It is not allowed to resell the game as is and also export to android or IOS without changing the graphics.
•- If you have any question, don’t hesitate in asking me. joffremacedoneto@gmail.com
•– If You liked the Game, please leave a review!