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About Revolution - HTML5 Game (Construct 2 & Construct 3)

• Revolution is a simple game with a unique mechanic which you rotate and destroy platforms by jumping on them.
•Full game source with assets! Highly editable and customizable!
•Developed with Construct 2 and Construct 3.


•Unique game mechanic
•All source code included (.capx and .c3p)
•Construct 3 optimized (no plugins, C3 runtime)
•Clean, organized and commented code
•Easy to reskin – PSD layered files included
•Built in 48 levels – Easily editable through JSON
•HTML5 mobile ready – Play everywhere (smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc)
•Local data save/load management
•Supports multiple screen sizes
•Detailed project documentation
•Third-party Plugins (Construct 2 only)
•This project uses 2 third-party plugins which are included.
•LiteTween by lunarray (for feedback animations)
•Hash by Rex (for JSON data load management)
•Additional Notes
•You will need a Construct 2 license or a Construct 3 subscription in order to edit the game source code. If you don’t have any, check their website.
•Thank you!
•To file bugs or to suggest other improvements, please feel free to report at
•If you liked the game please don’t forget to rate. I’ll really appreciate it!
•- v1.2:
•   Fixed: Platforms array size wasn’t being set according to total platforms from JSON file.
•   Improved: No more third-party plugins dependencies for Construct 3 project. Ported to its modern runtime.
•- v1.1:
•   Fixed: Home Layout wasn’t properly loading when the game was in suspended state