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About Rearrange Letters 2 - HTML5 Game

• Rearrange Letters 2 is a HTML5 game where you can arrange the letters and make the right word by given description as a clue, it is rebuild without canvas which can support responsive for landscape and portrait layout, and include the new drag and drop sentence question.
•The ZIP package contains the game with 1200×650 resolution that scales to fit the whole screen device, but it may not be perfectly full screen.
•Build-In Editor Tool:
•The game come with Build-In Editor tool, you can build and preview question easily with the tool.


•:Question are load from XML file including category
•Build-In Editor Tool to preview or edit word and sentence
•Clue can be text, image or video
•Total 5 type of template ready (Single Word, Multiple Word and Sentence)
•Multi-Language Support (e.g. English, Chinese, Arab and more)
•Option to show/hide category page
•Option to play audio for both word and description
•Option to enable timer (Default or Countdown)
•Option to show 2 result (Best Score or Time)
•Option to enable top 10 scoreboard
•And more options etc. random question, reveal answer…
•Basic options (Enter FullScreen, Mute Sound, Exit)
•Complete customization (Text Display, Images, Colour)
•Share Score (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp)
•High Definition (1200×650)
•Auto-Resize (Responsive support Landscape and Portrait mode)
•Mouse and Touch Controls
•Run in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.)
•Make with CreateJS
•Version 2.0:
•- Fixed game title shadow issue
•Version 1.9:
•- Build-in Editor Tool UI improvements (Able to drag and resize)
•Version 1.8:
•- Fixed category after removed
•Version 1.7:
•- Option to set device viewport mode
•Version 1.6
•- Fixed video issue
•- Added youtube video
•Version 1.5
•- Fixed Build-in Editor issues
•Version 1.4
•- Added shadow for each questions
•- Build-in Editor Tool UI improvements
•Version 1.3
•- Fixed category listing
•Version 1.2
•- Added video option as description
•Version 1.1
•- Fixed image loader issue
•- Added option for scoreboard to show more than 10 listin