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About Openpos - WooCommerce Point Of Sale(POS)

You are looking for a solution to synchronize data between your online website and your local store you are looking for a quick solution to manage your caferestaurant OpenPOS is a must have Plugin to do that.
•OpenPOS is a complete point of sale systemPOS plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress OpenPOS can be used for multi purposes like as Retailers Stores Restaurant Cafe Spa salon OpenPOS includes everything you need for a Point Of Sale system.
•New Feature OpenPOS Progressive Web Apps on Desktop.
•OpenPOS Progressive Web Apps on Desktop can be installed on the users device much like native apps Its fast Feel integrated because they launched in the same way as other apps and run in an app window without an address bar or tabs It is reliable because service workers can cache all of the assets they need to run And it create an engaging experience for users.


No Monthly Fees Hosted same place with your woocommerce.
•Progressive Web App.
•Support multi type of business retailer grocery caferestaurant Salon.
•CafeRestaurant Mode with table management merge table transfer table Kitchen View Screen.
•Support Rent Business type like as karaoke Pool Table Hire hotel room rent..
•Realtime sync table order data between waiters phonetablet and Kitchens phonetablet pc.
•General Grocery Mode with customer pole display.
•MultiWarehouse Outlets.
•Inventory Management Stock transfer Stock adjustment.
•Stock Overview.
•Multi Registers.
•Support all type of Barcode Scanner device Auto detect barcode device input.
•Add product by Barcode Scanning or search by name sku.
•Scan by camera.
•Support Decimal Stock Negative Qty.
•Support Digital Scale Digital Weighing Scale barcode.
•Rounding Currency.
•Weight base pricing.
•Order Note Item Note.
•Discount and coupon Item discount and cart discount..
•Multi cart checkout with saved cart function.
•Manage user allow login to POS panel.
•Receipt barcode label.
•Print Email Receipts.
•Cash Management.
•Checkout with multi payment method Split payment.
•Working with offline mode.
•Report Transactions and Sales.
•Integrated with WooCommerce Product AddOns WooCommerce Product Bundles to sell your simple variable and complex products.
•Manage Active login session session information contain cashier name locations ip address.
•Camera barcode QRcode scanner with https.
•Logoff function This is an important feature for the cashier they can logoff without losing working session and not have to worry about their data change by another person.
•Checkout with default or extended woocommerce gateways.
•Refund Partial Refund Full exchange Partial Exchange.
•Support LayBuy Buy and Pay later.
•Easy extends and manage code.
•And many more.
•Check Plugin Diagram Overview.
•Demo Admin httpsdemowposappwordpresswpadmin admin admin123..
•Demo POS httpsdemowposappwordpresswpcontentpluginswoocommerceopenpospos admin admin123 or test test123.
•Demo Restaurant Cafe Mode.
•Demo Restaurant Cafe POS httpswoocommercerestaurantposopenswatchcomwpcontentpluginswoocommerceopenpospos test test123.
•Demo Restaurant Cafe POS Kitchen View.
•Video How To Working with Cafe Restaurant Mode.
•Demo POS Performance with 1000 Products Test account test test123.
•Click Here To Access Demo POS with 1000 Products.
•You can try with free version available at httpswordpressorgpluginsopenpos.
•Free Plugin Integrated Plugin For Openpos.
•WooCommerce Germanized with GTIN and MPN search.
•WooCommerce Extra Product Options.
•Woocommerce Point reward Integrate.
•Google Cloud Print Plugin for Open Pos.
•Star CloudPRNT Integrate Print without dialog support multi registers.
•Stock Transfer Management transfer stock between outlets..
•Online POS Payment Allow checkout with online store payment gateway via POS panel.
•Price Book for OpenPOS.
•AuthorizeNet payment method for OpenPOS.
•Stripe Terminal Integrate For device Verifone P400 httpsprntscpp0mxx.
•Authorizenet Magnetic card reader tested with ETEKJOY ETMSR90 DEMO httpsyoutubeCCv1t0r0eE.
•Other Integrate Plugins.
•Facebook Page Update httpswwwfacebookcomopenposwoo.
•Quick Demo.
•General Grocery POS.
•Cafe Restaurant POS.
•Openpos WooCommerce Point Of SalePOS Well Evaluated.
•Update Log.
• 25052020 version 441.
• Improve code.
• Fixed customer report bug.
• 27042020 version 440.
• Debit admin report type when enable Laybuy option.
• Disable laybuy on POS when have no customer information.
• 23042020 version 4354.
• 17042020 version 433.
• Improve Code UI.
• Sound notification when new online order come.
• LayBuy feature Buy and Pay later use short code customertotalpaid to display paid amount in receipt template.
• Fixed Shipping address on POS receipt for online order.
• 30032020 version 430 02042020 version 431.
• Print zreport after Logout zreport receipt template composer assign zreport template to register.
• Send receipt email option if disable force print receipt httpsprntscrpajqe.
• Real time notice when have new order from Website httpsyoutube1RjZO05unZU.
• 10032020 version 420.
• Improve Composer barcode label.
• Note display for takeaway add Note it easy manage takeaway.
• Fixed disable Refund Exchange when setting disable.
• 17022020 version 415.
• Improve Camera Barcode Scanner.
• Delete online saved Cart.
• Fixed Refunded receipt.
• Improve search Customer with phone.
• Gift Receipt Template.
• Single payment checkout mode Privacy accept for EU store.
• 04022020 version 411.
• Shipping tax.
• Print zreport in adminposreportz report.
• Improve zreport by click download at pos panel click to user name button.
• Improve code and design.
• 13012020 version 400.
• Auto get custom item tax rate base on outlet location support multi tax rates.
• Add Seller on each Restaurant Table button.
• Report sale by seller report sale by store agent with All users options export csv with selected user.
• Fixed issues with Online Saved Cart.
• Improve UI Code.
• 30122019 version 398.
• Improve admin store staff.
• Add seller to cart button on POS.
• Inline note for cart item.
• Improvement code design.
• 18122019 version 396.
• Fixed display all order list follow sale report in admin pos report.
• Fixed product with multi tax rate.
• Hot keys implement httpsprntscqcfzih.
• Improved code UI UX.
• 05122019 version 395.
• Table type features hire default with hire you have time counter and cost this suitable for rent business cost by time.
• Digital Scale connection by barcode decode info.
• Improved code.
• Improved design.
• 25112019 version 392.
• Update report chart.
• Update report with comission base on op cost price field..
• 14112019 version 390.
• Restaurant Change Tables pagination to Collection it can use to set table on floor area..
• Restaurant Add dish to table by scan qrcode with phone came