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About HyperDiver - Premium HTML5 space puzzle game!

• HyperDiver – is a dungeon crawler puzzle game in a space setting! Take control under your spaceship and start new journey to far stars and galaxies!


•:   ✔ explore deep space on infinite unique levels
•   ✔ make hyper jumps though blackholes to dive in hyperspace as deep as you can
•   ✔ earn details and credits on your flights to buy new equipment and improve your ship
•   ✔ destroy enemies ships and make new rating records
•Additional information:
•This projects created with Phaser 2 game engine.
•The game adaptively supports the resolutions of all major mobile phones and tablets in portrait orientation.
•The zip archive contains the final assembled release build and also all the source codes in a separate folder.
•This game requires server to run. You need to upload all the assets from the prod folder in ZIP archive to your server and then open index.html via the server request to start the game.
•Get the game now and let your players become a real space hyper divers