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About GravitySheets - Gravity Forms Google Spreadsheet Addon

GravitySheets V22 Update.
• Update process of Google Sheets API Token.
• Add Format Type Option Default and Excelsheet Format.
• Add Date Format.
• Add DateTime Format for Submission Date.
• Optimize Code.
•UPDATES are regularly made on this plugin based on your requests Check the CHANGELOG to read more.
•GravitySheets Overview.
•Meet GravitySheets leading Gravity Forms Addon to makes user to save gravity form entries within one single Google Spreadsheet User can add any number of forms with any number of spreadsheet with sheet integration Once forms has been submitted data are going to add within new row into the selected sheets in plugin settings.
•User can also synchronize all the existing Gravity Forms entries within the Google Sheet If user can edit the entries from admin side that can also affected in Google Sheet automatically User can make duplicate feeds to assign multiple sheets User can set the conditional logic for the particular fields then all the data will be pass to google sheet as per the condition match other wise no entry will be added.
•Payment Status features option only visible whenever your form will have credit cards fields added If it will be enable then entries will only added whenever payment is paidapproved otherwise all the entries will be added within the google spreadsheet.
•GravitySheets you get professional 247 support and extensive Documentation.
•The plugin has compliant with PHP 7x WordPress 53x and Gravity Forms v24x.

GravitySheets Features

Change log

Version 22 20 May 2020.
•Version 21 14 February 2020.
•Version 20 28 January 2019.
•Version 19 26 January 2019.
•Version 18 4 December 2019.
• Optimize code for list field type and comma separated values.
•Version 17 2 December 2019.
• Optimize code for multiple form feeds with conditional logic.
• Restructure the code for paid payment checkbox.
•Version 16 18 November 2019.
• Optimize Code for Token Generate.
•Version 15 06 November 2019.
• Optimize code GravitySheets 14 have 89 MB Zip and GravitySheets 15 have 119 MB.
• Optimize new entry formatting code in spreadsheet.
•Version 14 26 July 2019.
• Bug Fix with Checkbox and List Fields Values in Google Spreadsheet.
•Version 13 14 June 2019.
• Remove some fields from fields mapping ie Section HTML Page Break etc.
•Version 12 21 May 2019.
• Add Freeze Header Feature.
•Version 11 24 September 2018.
• Remove default tokenjson files.
• Add AJAX loader within Click to Sync button.
•Version 10 18 September 2018.
• Initial Version.