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About Gold Christmas & Happy New Year Card v1

• Description
•This year will be gold! Get this Christmas and New Year card and share it with all!
•Modify the card and upload the folder to your hosting. Use the card as is, or as iframe.
•- HTML5 Files
•- Mouse and/or Touch
•- Replace Content With Yours
•- Replace Logo File (PSD File Included)
•- Edit Button Image and Text (PSD File Included)
•- Add Your Website and Button Links
•- Help Text Files
•Don’t forget to visit my website to explore new games, ecards and more.
•- You can’t use this card on stores (google, apple etc).
•- You are free to upload on your hosting of course.
•- You can’t sell (copy/modify/any) this card at envato or similar/any markets.
•- If you have any query please contact me.
•- Each license use is for one (1) website portal, store, etc. You can’t buy my card once (regular or extended license) and use it to unlimited website portals or/and stores.
•- Please don’t portal my cards (links) without my permission. If you like it, buy a license first. Thank you for understanding.
•- You can replace all graphics, media with yours. If you have skills you can modify also any .html, .js files.
•- In case you need any customization don’t hesitate to contact me.
•- You can use any browser you want like: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.. Recommended: Chrome.
•- You can’t use (copy/modify/any for your personal projects, whatever) any of my content (graphics, audio, etc) of my current item here without my permission.
•Even if i do all my best to minimize any inconvenience, i can’t ensure the full compatibility of all my cards on every device and every operating system update. Thank you for your understanding.
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