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About Form Styler Ultimate | Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, CF7 (Contact Form 7), WooCommerce

Completely customize the look feel of any form on your WordPress website inluding WooCommerce Forms Contact Form 7 Gravity Form and Ninja Form.
•Form Styler Ultimate lets you easily style forms on your WordPress site It has tons of features that gives absolute control on the appearance of your forms.
•Tested and compatible with some of the famous themeforest themes like Avada Betheme X Theme Enfold The7 Bridge as well as WordPress default themes like Twenty Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen.
•Readytouse themes.
•Choose between 11 readytouse themes and make cool forms on the fly.
•Input text fields.
•Fully customize the input text fields and textareas.
•Dropdown arrows.
•Remove the boring arrows from your dropdowns and select your own by the famous Font Awesome vector library Further customize the arrows by changing color size etc.
•Radio and checkboxes.
•No more boring checkboxes or radio buttons Just select your own Font Awesome icons Further customize the icons by changing color size etc.
•Date pickers.
•You can even customize the appearance of the date picker on the date field.
•Submit button.
•Fully customize your submit button Set the width 100 auto or custom width in pixel position left center right font colors border radius padding etc.
•Validation errors.
•Customize general or input specific validation errors or even invalid input validation borders.
•Confirmation message.
•And of course you can customize the final confirmation message the user sees after submiting the form.
•Full Feature List.
•Compatible with Gravity Forms Ninja Forms and Contact Form 7.
•Our plugin is outofthebox compatible with these famous WordPress form plugins Just pick the form where you want your style to be applied No coding skills needed.
•Compatible with any form.
•Style any form on your site Login forms WooCommerce forms newsletter forms even search boxes Just add your forms class and you are set.
•Multiple themes on same page.
•You can use multiple themes on the same page.
•Customizable themes.
•You can customize each theme separately.
•Color skins.
•Choose between 7 color skins grey black white green red yellow blue for each of your theme and colorize forms onthefly.
•Unlimited styling options.
•Style the form the way you want Choose background color borders margin padding options and many many more.
•Google fonts.
•Select from a large library of Google fonts and set the desired typography for all your inputs labels placeholders submit buttons etc.
•Input text fields and textareas.
•Fully customize the input text fields and textareas Fonts placeholders hover colors and borders paddings and margins you have it all.
•Gravity Forms complex fields.
•Fully compatible with address name and password fiels of Gravity Forms.
•File upload buttons.
•Your file upload buttons will follow the style of your theme You can even change the text for the upload button.
•Fully customize your submit button Set the width position left center right font colors border radius padding etc.
•Hide labels.
•You have the ability to hide labels for fields Useful when you want to use placeholders only.
•Automatically add placeholders.
•No need to add placeholders if you choose to hide labels They are automatically added by our plugin.
•Responsive Design.
•Forms will look great on both desktop and mobile sites.
•Easily export the form styles you create.
•Compatible with WooCommerce Forms.
•Our plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Which means that you can style the 6 default WooCommerce forms checkout forms login register forms edit billing shipping address forms and edit account details form.
•Demo live preview.
•Visit our demo live preview to see examples of Form Styler Ultimate in action.
•Demo backend live preview.
•Try it before you buy it Just visit our demo backend live preview and see all the amazing features in action.
•Take a look at our extensive online documentation.
•Support development.
•We provide fast and reliable support to our customers You can count on us for after sale support and continued development of the plugin.
•What customers say about Form Styler Ultimate.


26032019 version 114 .
• Add Upload button inherit styling option for Gravity and CF7.
• Add Upload button add text.
• Add Input custom height option.
• Add Textarea custom height option.
• Add Hide input validation errors option.
• Fix Validation errors 3rds.
• 14062019 version 113 .
• Fix Gravity name fields responsive fix.
• Fix Checkbox font fixes.
• 15052019 version 112 .
• Fix For multipage gravity forms if submit button is on the right put previous button on the left.
• 31032019 version 111 .
• Add Footer border and padding options for Gravity Forms.
• Fix General bug fixes.
• 21022019 version 110 .
• Fix Respect Gravity Forms name inline elements.
• 06022019 version 19 .
• Fix Respect Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms halves thirds quarters and inline elements.
• Add Horizontal spacing between inline elements in px.
• 23012019 version 18 .
• Fix Bug fixes with CSS minification.
• 22012019 version 17 .
• Fix Mixed content warning for custom image on radioscheckboxes.
• 09012019 version 16 .
• Fix Ninja Form Recaptcha bug fix.
• 20122018 version 15 .
• Fix Compatibility with MailChimp for WordPress plugin.
• Fix Compatibility with WordPress password protected forms.
• Add Form paragraph text font option.
• Add Form a text font option.
• Add Form a color on hover option.
• Add WooCommerce Lost your password form page.
• 18122018 version 14 .
• Add Custom image option for radios and checkboxes.
• 14122018 version 13 .
• Add Display type option multiple lines or single line for radio and checkboxes.
• Fix CF7 acceptance checkbox.
• 12122018 version 12 .
• Add Additional icons for radio and checkboxes.
• Fix WooCommerce StateCounty select fix.
• 04122018 version 11 .
• Add 4 new themes.
• Add Skin option in pick your options popup.
• Add Border width px option in pick your options popup.
• Add Submit button width select option 100 auto or custom width.
• 08112018 version 10 .
• Initial release.