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About Elegant Age Verification for WordPress

Elegant Age Verification for WordPress.
•Some types of websites require age verification by law Elegant Age Verification offers a solution to add a welldesigned age verification popup to your WordPress website This plugin allows you to show your site specifically for the targeted visitors There are several verification methods available to verify the user By using Elegant Age Verification you can show the website content to the age group that you defined You dont need to restrict your visitors by age group it is optional so you can use it without age restriction You can verify users by a simple Enter button or a Confirmation toggle switch.
•As expected today it is a fully responsive and mobilefriendly WordPress plugin including the administration interface so it provides the proper adaptation on different devices.
•This SEO friendly plugin does not prevent search engines to crawl the actual content of your site The codebase is fast and lightweight so it doesnt cause performance issues.
•Elegant Age Verification works on all major browsers.
•General Settings.
•This agegate plugin allows you to enable or disable the plugin The plugins switchedoff state helps you to set the parameters as you need without the age verification popup would appear in the public view You can set the required age and the plugin cookies expiry time calculated in days If the user has already successfully entered via age verification popup after the expiration the popup will appear in the public view again.
•The required age icon is a simple circle shape with a transparent background and a thin stroke The icon includes the age that is required for entry such as 18.
•You have the options to show or hide all major block as you would like for example.
•Custom logo.
•Custom background image.
•Required age icon.
•Date of birth form fields with custom date order.
•Confirmation toggle switch.
•Exit button.
•The form fields of the Date of birth help you to define the age of the user.
•Note The Enter button is an essential element in the age verification popup therefore it stays visible for the visitors in every case.
•It is possible to set the type of the Exit button There are three exit types available in the plugin.
•1 It redirects the visitor to a specific URL that you defined.
•2 It redirects the visitor to the previous URL form the history list In the case of a not existing previous URL the first exit type is used as a fallback here.
•3 Displays a message to the user after pressing the Exit button.
•Elegant Age Verification supports multilingualism All of the texts are translatable or you can use a single language without any translator plugin When using your WordPress website with multiple languages you can translate the texts of the age verification with a thirdparty translator plugin such as Loco Translate.
•The Title and Description can be used to explain to the user what criteria must be met to enter the website The plugin allows you to add a few special tags to the description Some tags help you to format the text If you press the Enter key in the text field of the Description a line break will be added to the text A line break corresponds to a br tag List of allowed tags.
•Translatable texts.
•Texts of the Date of birth form fields.
•Texts of the Confirmation toggle switch.
•Button texts.
•Response messages.
•It is possible to change the order of the Date of birth form fields by the Date format according to linguistic specificities.
•You can set the text of the Confirmation toggle switch You have the option to add the age text variable to the input fields that will appear for the users as a number.
•You can set the Redirect URL and the Exit description The Exit description will be applied if you set the Exit type to Description under the General Settings tab.
•Depends on the Exit type you can set the name of the exit buttons separately.
•In case of entering the website is not successful some closable message boxes help the user to understand the reason for it such as.
•Unchecked confirmation field.
•Inappropriate date of birth.
•Inappropriate age.
•Make your website more attractive More than 10 themes help you to decide which is the best one that fits your conception.
•You can integrate custom Google Fonts to make it more sophisticated to your age verifications typography.
•You can add your own background image to the age verification popup You can set the background images opacity position and size When using a background image you can find the proper balance between the background image and the background color appearance by using the opacity The backgroundsize parameter is used in most cases to make the background image to fill the entire popups area but you can set any value for it that meets the CSS standard If you dont need to use a background image the background color of the theme appears by itself There are themes with monochromatic or gradient background colors Choose the one that suits your taste.
•You can add your own logo to the popup You can set the logo width and height.
•You can set the age verification popups zindex value You can use it to set the popup to place it in front of or behind another element.
•It is possible to add custom CSS to override the style of the selected theme The text field of the Custom CSS allows you to add entirely new formatting to the age verification popup window Using this feature is recommended for advanced users who are proficient in web development.

Plugin Features

•Easy integration.
•Plugin customization.
•Predefined themes.
•Custom cookie expires.
•Custom CSS.
•Google Fonts integration.
•Title and description.
•Verification methods Date of birth Confirmation Enter button.
•Age verification by input fields.
•Date of birth with custom date order.
•Confirmation by a toggle switch.
•Exit types Back Redirect Description.
•Responsive mobilefriendly.
•Crossbrowser support.
•Clean code.
•Fast and Lightweight.
•Detailed documentation.
•SEO friendly.
•Free updates.
•Professional Solution for Special Websites.
•adult content.
•sports betting.
•Cookies GDPR.
•Elegant Age Verification uses a single cookie The stored cookie is used to make the age verification popup only appears on your website if this cookie does not exist or has expired.
•Cookie name eav.
•Cookie value 1.
•Cookie expires Userdefined.
•Purpose Functional.
•Tip You have the opportunity to add some links to the description such as Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.
•For people with disabilities the full functionality of the plugin is accessible without a mouse only with the ke