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About Easy GDPR

Easy GDPR plugin that will help you prepare your site for GDPR This is All in One GDPR package for WordPress with Cookie settings and with many integrations.
•Facile GDPR plugin che ti aiuterà a preparare il tuo sito per GDPR Questo è tutto in un pacchetto GDPR per WordPress con impostazioni di cookie e con molte integrazioni.
•What is GDPR.
•GDPR General Data Protection Regulation is intended to regulation data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union EU and the European Economic Area EEA Its primary aim is to give control back to the EU residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU Although the GDPR was introduced two years ago it becomes enforceable starting May 25 2018.
•4755000 Il GDPR regolamento generale sulla protezione dei dati ha lo scopo di regolamentare la protezione dei dati e la privacy di tutti gli individui allinterno dellUnione europea UE e dello Spazio economico europeo SEE Il suo obiettivo principale è quello di ridare il controllo ai residenti dellUE sui loro dati personali e di semplificare il contesto normativo per le imprese internazionali unificando il regolamento allinterno dellUE Sebbene il GDPR sia stato introdotto due anni fa diventa esecutivo a partire dal 25 maggio 2018.

Plugin Features

Cookie consent.
•Cookie categories.
•Blocking 3rd party cookies with shortcodes.
•Cookie detector A list of cookies that your site uses with one click.
•Privacy and Terms pages.
•Contact DPO.
•Show cookie popup only for EU users option.
•Right of access by the data subject WP version 496 or higher automatic.
•Right to be forgotten WP version 496 or higher automatic.
•Right to data portability WP version 496 or higher automatic.
•Data breach.
•Google Analytics.
•Google Tag Manager.
•Hot Jar.
•Contact Form 7.
•Gravity Forms.
•Flamingo DB.
•Yandex Metrika.
•Facebook Pixel.
•Custom Integrations.
•WordPress 4512.
•PHP 56.
•WooCommerce 3.
•Customize cookies consent popup as you want.
•Easy privacy center for users.
•Blocking 3rd party cookies in content.


120 280220.
•ADDED Woocommerce integration option.
•682019 120000 AM.
•UPDATED Dutch translation.
•118 230419.
•IMPROVED Reload page after accepting cookies option also in cookie settings.
•IMPROVED Some styles.
•117 070419.
•ADDED Reload page after accepting cookies option.
•116 200119.
•FIXED Minor fixes with cookie categories.
•115 180918.
•FIXED Show 3rd party code through plugin shortcode if user accept only him but not all cookies.
•114 050918.
•FIXED show code from cookie categories when only 1 category created.
•FIXED always show code from cookie categories if not EU countries.
•113 020918.
•ADDED Cookie detector.
•FIXED Some styles.
•112 120818.
•ADDED Shortocde that blocks 3rd party cookies in content on postpage etc.
•UPDATED Italian and Romanian translate.
•1172018 120000 AM.
•111check your country in plugin settings.
•1072018 120000 AM.
•11added white background to privacy center tabs.
•fixed style checkbox under form.
•added Book Appointment online PRO integration.
•672018 120000 AM.
•109Added Gravity Forms integration.
•Added option where in forms show consent.
•270618108Added consent under standart comment form.
•240618107CSS Fixed zindex of popup.
•CSS cookie tabs category add padding.
•JS checkbox in category cookies fixed.
•Added requires WP cookies by default directly.