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About Destroy garden

• 63 levels. The game is ready for android. Point the saw at the plants and cut them. Destroy the neighbor’s garden before he planted it.
•If your intention is to export the game to Android, iOS, Windows or other, in the file there is a file Contruct ready to export! Just replace the images and create your own game. Add identifier Admob and earn money $$. Full mobile version on Google Play, you can look, game works perfect on devices: .apk file is also included
•The game is created on “Сonstruct 3”. Construct 3 uses a custom-built framework. The game was created with Construct 3.
•This game can not be modified with a free license of Construct 3. The .c3p package contains the game with 1080×1920 resolution that automatically scales proportionally to fit current screen device and all the assets to grant complete game customization. The game is composed of 63 levels, that can be unlocked with the variables in the Global sheet.
•Full Game;
•HTML5 Mobile Optimized;
•One Touch Control;
•Touch and mouse control;
•Including .c3p file (Construct3);
•Sound Fx;
•Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc.);
•High Resolution: HD – 1080*1920px;
•Simple Gameplay;
•Easy to Add Content;
•Easy to Change Source;
•No Programming Knowledge Needed!
•All images can be replaced or used existing.
•Be sure to go to the site and see how game works.