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About Defender - HTML5 Game (Construct2)

• Description:
•Click or unclick the knight or screen to defend the projectiles.
•Made with Construct2 (capx file included). I hope you enjoy the game!


•:- Mobile and mouse controls
•- Work on all HTML5 browser and mobile devices
•- Easy way to add/replace images
•- Included Construct 2 source file

Files included:

•- Construct 2 source file (for DESKTOP and MOBILE)
•- HTML5 Game files (ready to be uploaded to your server)
•- Documentation (how to add it to your site)
•- If you plan to use your own version of this game as a paid one on stores (Google, Apple, etc), you need to purchase an extended license.
•- You are free to use ads by purchasing a regular license.
•- You can’t sell (copy/modify/any) this game at envato or similar/any markets.
•License Info:
•- Each license use is for one (1) website portal, store, etc. You can’t buy my game once (regular or extended license) and use it to unlimited website portals or/and stores.
•- Download for free Construct 2 from here: Download Construct 2
•- You can modify my game but you need to buy a license for Construct 2 in case you need to export it.
•- You can replace all graphics, media with yours. If you have skills you can modify also any .html and .js files.
•Support: – If you have any questions and/or requests, please contact me at: