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About Code Rain - Custom pages for WordPress

•Code Rain is a plugin that adds custom pages with a Matrixlike code rain effect to your WordPress site.
•Under Construction When your site is not yet ready and you are still working on it This custom page will be shown to all the users visiting the site while you the admin being logged in can see the normal site and can work on getting it ready.
•Under Maintenance Temporarily show this page saying that the site is currently under maintenance while you are working on a particular issue The users will see the custom page whereas the admin can see the normal site and work on it.
•404 Page When the user tries to go to a page that does not exist 404 error this custom page is shown to them instead.
•Login page The look of the WP admin login page is completely changed in the style of the plugin giving a Matrixhacker feeling as you log into the backend of your site.
•Admin screensaver After a period of inactivity or when manually triggered from the top admin bar button a code rain effect appears as an overlay on the page and having a transparent background gradually covers the screen over time.

A few of the plugin features

The plugin uses templates for the rain effect message box and login form This way you can create a template once and use it easily on multiple pages For example you can create a rain effect template and use it on the Under Construction page Login page or the admin Screensaver at the same time Or you can switch between the used templates very easy without needing to change a multitude of settings each time.
•There are 12 templates available by default and you can use the plugin UI to create any number of reusable templates that you like.
•Through the template settings you have a large number of options available through which you can practically customize everything from colors to text to sizes and behaviours.
•The text message shown on each page is customizable and you can enter any message that you like.
•User roles such as Administrator can be whitelisted so that they view the normal site while custom pages are active.
•There is support for custom CSS code through the admin.
•There is support for custom JS code through the admin.
•Support for Google Analytics code to be added to the pages.
•There are a large number of customizable settings both for pages as well as for templates The preview page has screens with all of the admin pages in which you can see all of the available settings.
•Continued support and updates.
•Have a look over the preview page to see the available pages the default templates and all of the admin settings.
•This is the WordPress plugin version of the project A standalone JavaScript version is also available here Code Rain JavaScript Matrix Effect.


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