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About Checkers vs CPU - HTML5 Game.

• Hey!
•Thanks for checking out my checkers game.
•I know the title says ‘Checkers’, but there is not a ton of react in use here, it’s just manipulating the screen.
•Essentially, React displays our array of boards, and most of the movement and detection is only accessing that array.
•He uses a points system to determine ‘good’ and ‘bad’ things that could happen, for example, if he can win in the next 3 turns, that’s a score of 100 points. If you lose in the next 3 turns, it’s worth it – 100 points, lose a king or kill an enemy king – are worth 25 or 25 points respectively, and kill / lose regular pieces worth + 10 points.
•◉ Simple & Beautiful graphics designed.
•◉ Compete for the best score in the world.
•◉ The game is fully compatible with all most common mobile device browsers