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About Bundle Products and Discounts Plugin- Product Bundles

Group product bundle Demo 1.
•Mix Match Bundle Demo 2.
•Bogo Discountbundles Demo 3.
•WooCommerce Bundle Products and Discounts Pluginallows you to offer your products in a bundle and promote those bundles to customers at a discount For example set up a Sports Fan bundle where a customer can pick a hat jersey and tshirt together and get 15 off each of the items If they take one of the items out of the cart they no longer qualify and they pay full price Our Bundles app offers multiple types of bundles.
•Buy One Get One Any bundles are displayed on the product page You determine how many products a customer needs to buy and which products they get at a discount.
•Bundle by Product.
•Using the product bundle you choose a few specific products that you want customers to purchase togetherSelect the products set the discount and youre done The app will show a bundle widget next to the Add to Cart button on those two products to let customers know they could save if they bundle.
•Bundle by Collection Mix and Match.
•With the collection bundle you select a few different collections of products that the customer can choose from to bundleFor example your shoppers could purchase any hat any tshirt and any pants and get a discount on all three as long as they have one item of each kind The app automatically figures out which products qualify from that collection and applies the discount in the customers cart.
•Multiple Bundle Discount Types.
•You can either discount by a set percentage or make the bundle a set price As an example you could have a camera and a memory card that you want to bundle together and if the customer buys both theyll get 10 off Or you could sell the two items at a fixed price so that the same bundle sells for a flat 100.
•What are Customer benefits.
•A product bundling strategy can increase profits on individual sales over time.
•Customer understands that the total price is lower when the products are bought as a bundle.
•The customer can get everything in one stop instead of the many steps which is timesaving.