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About Ball Crush - HTML5 Game

• Ball Crush
•Challenge yourself in this electrifying game full of obstacles ready to try to keep you from reaching your best score.
•Containing a variety of random graphic styles and numerous obstacle behaviors the game becomes extremely challenging and eye-catching, as you will never know what awaits you in the next match.
•Full of graphic effects and a fun soundtrack, this game was made in Construct 2, allowing you to easily modify the source file if you want, but also included the already exported game ready to be uploaded to your site.
•Construct 2 Capx File
•HTML5 for (Chrome / Firefox / Safari, etc…)
•Documentation (For a quick start)
•Construct 3 File (if you want to use the “source” in construct 3)
•Cordova (For Export to Android / iOS)
•3 Game Icons (for use on your site)


• :Random styles
•Performance optimized game
•Game Resolution : 720,1280 Px
•Made with Construct 2
•Easy to Change Source
•Included Capx Construct 2 file (source)
•Included c3p Construct 3 file (if you have a license)
•Included Cordova files (if you want to export to android / IOS)
•Clean and organized Capx code
•No required coding
•Playable in all platforms (Mobile, PC, etc…)
•Mobile and mouse controls
•Work on all HTML5 browser and mobile devices
•Easy way to add/replace images(Easy to Reskin)
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