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Meup Theme Preview

•Manage Events.
•Setup Normal Event and Recuring Event.
•Setup multiple ticket types: Normal, Seat Map.
•Setup Coupon for per ticket type of event.
•Setup Tax for per event.
•Setup location at Map, State, City, Adress manually.
•Choose Venue or add new venue.
•Add Video, Gallery, Feature Image.
•Venue: The vendor can make new venue or choose available venue.
•Package: The vendor have to choose a package to submit event.
•Manage Booking.
•View Profit per event at current time.
•The vendor: Check all bookings per event.
•The vendor: Export all bookings per event to CSV..
•Manage Tickets.
•Include extra information of vendor in ticket.
•Include Logo in ticket.
•Included QR Code, Bar Code in Ticket.
•Add Private Description in Ticket – It will included in PDF Ticket. Only customer who bought ticket see it..
•Add Link, Password, Other info for Online Event. Only customer who bought ticket see it..
•Allow change color of ticket.
•The vendor: Check all tickets per event.
•The vendor: Export all tickets per event to CSV..
•APP is ready, so you scan QR Code via Mobile.
•You can download .apk file for installing in android os and scan QR Code.
•We make app by React Native, so you can customize our code to release app for you.
•Report Sales any time.
•Manage Coupon.
•Add Coupon for per event.
•Setup Coupon for per ticket type or all ticket type.
•Setup Coupon Type (percent, amount), Total Coupon.
•Manage Tags: Choose available tags or add new tags.
•Add Bank account in profile.
•Add Info, Social in profile.
Additional Features
• Manage Location (States, Cities): The admin setup multiple States, Cities.
•Manage Package, Membership: The admin make some packages with scope permission. If you don’t want to use package, you can disable it in setting..
•Add Fee per paid ticket: Fixed + Percent.
•Add Total Event or Unlimit.
•Package Time: Amount or Unlimit.
•List attendees.
•Export attendees.
•List Tickets.
•Export Tickets.
•Report Sales any time.
•The system auto reminder email to customer before start event.
•Change Tax per event: The vendor can change this..
•Manage Payout: The admin can check Profit per event, setup Payout Status (pending, paid).
•Manage Categories: The admin will make categories..
•Use Woocommerce for Booking Event, Package, so you can add multiple payment gateways.
•View All Bookings: Can check info of any events: Sales, Ticket, Profit, Attendees.
•Create Manual Booking for per event.
•Add Unlimit Custom Field in Booking Form.
•Check All Tickets.
•Check All Memberships.
•Add/Update membership.
•Easily add advertising in widgets, pages.