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About Tello Value Prepaid 6-Month Plan

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•Enjoy discounted mobile phone service with Tello’s Value Prepaid 6-Month Plan. This deeply discounted Tello wireless bundle includes unlimited talk & text plus 2GB/month, for the next 6 months. Tello offers coast-to-coast wireless coverage provided by the Nationwide Sprint® Network. Minutes to Canada, China, and Mexico are included in all plans at the same rate as domestic calls, plus you get a free hotspot. If the allotted data runs out, unlimited 2G data kicks in. Tello gives new meaning to wireless freedom with no contract and absolutely no fees. After the initial 180 days, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed..
•Break free from contracts, staying as long or as short as you’d like.
•Pay upfront w/ no contract, activation, or early termination fees.
•Connect to the Nationwide Sprint® Network for coast-to-coast 4G LTE coverage.
•Add Pay As You Go for super affordable international calls & texts.
•Check here and see your phone’s compatibility.
•Note: Stay on this plan for 6 months in order to keep the offer. If you change the phone plan, the offer will no longer apply going forward..

System Requirements

•Check the coverage in your area.
•Phone compatibility.

Important Details

•Length of access: 6 months.
•This plan is only available to new users.
•Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase.
•Max number of devices: 1.
•Access options: mobile.


•Instant digital redemption.
•For new Tello users only.
•Deal is for a one-time credit to be applied to your Tello account covering 6 months of service on the following bundle: unlimited talk&text+ 2GB/month.
•Credit valid only for this plan, it cannot be applied to any other Tello plan or phone.
•Customers should not make any changes to the plan. If you change the phone plan, the offer will no longer apply going forward.
•Regular plan price applies after the first 180 days.
•Credits cannot be combined or stacked.
•To use the credit on Tello’s network, make sure your phone is unlocked, free of any contract & Sprint compatible, or buy a new phone from Tello.
•For a full list of terms and conditions, go to

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