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•Analyze the SEO performance of your YouTube channel and every single video.
•Track your success with keyword rank tracking that tells you where you stand.
•Increase views with keyword suggestions and custom task recommendations for tags, titles, descriptions, and more!.
•Yearly access for the discounted and locked price of $49; you can renew your plan annually for $49.
•tubics is a powerful YouTube SEO tool that helps content creators and brands boost views on their videos..
•With tubics, your videos will bring in more organic traffic than rush hour in L.A..
•tubics starts by conducting a YouTube SEO Analysis on your videos, so you’ll understand just how your channel is set up, how your videos are performing, and how audiences respond to you..
•All you have to do is just sign in to your Google account, connect your YouTube channel, and watch tubics work its magic and improve your channel..
•With a quick copy-and-paste of your URL, you’re on your way to better insights on your content with a breakdown of 15 key factors that influence on-page SEO, from channel authority to community engagement..
•The real-time content analysis allows you to optimize your metadata, aka YouTube tags, titles, and descriptions (yep, even the description matters!)..
•See how your keywords measure up with YouTube Rank Tracking..
•Low traffic might be the cause of less-than-optimal keywords..
•tubics tracks your YouTube channel’s keyword ranking performance and overall visibility on the SERP over time so you can mix up the perfect keyword cocktail..
•If you’re at a loss for keywords, fret not! tubics collects and suggests keyword data from YouTube, Google, and Bing, so you get relevant keywords for tags every time..
•You’ve got the insights; now it’s time to take action..
•Get tailor-made reports from tubics’ YouTube SEO Action Plan to assess the overall SEO health of your channel..
•Each report comes with task recommendations that you can directly implement so you can meet your channel’s business objectives..
•Brands and content creators from L’Oréal to Samsung use tubics to optimize their organic YouTube video views..
•What makes tubics special is that it’s 100% focused on YouTube SEO (word to the other guys: you’re doing too much)..
•tubics gives you an amazing user experience with software that runs on its own, instead of crammed into your browser as an extension..
•No other tool can scope out the algorithm patterns that trigger organic video success and use this data to give you an action plan for success..
•Just sit back and relax — tubics does all the heavy lifting on getting you all the organic views you could want..
•Imagine if Jurassic Park, Titanic, or The Princess Bride never got the views they deserved…inconceivable!.
•Why should your YouTube masterpiece be any different?.
•Videos are made to be seen and tubics was made to ensure that..
•Get lifetime access now!.
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Plans and Features

•Features Included in All Plans.
•Locked Discounted Annual access to Tubics.
•You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase.
•Stack up to 3 codes (does not stack with the LTD).
•All future plan updates.
•60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason.
•Yearly purchase of.
240•All features above included.
•5 YouTube channels.
•Optimize unlimited videos.
•Track up to 200 keywords per channel.
•3 Users (coming in Q3 2019).
•Buy Now (1 code).
981035•10 YouTube channels.
•Track up to 250 keywords per channel.
•4 Users (coming in Q3 2019).
•Buy Now (2 codes).
1471139•15 YouTube channels.
•Track up to 300 keywords per channel.
•5 Users (coming in Q3 2019).
•Buy Now (3 codes).
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•Highest Rated Reviews.
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