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•Create beautiful branded images that are instantly resized for banners, ads, and social media.
•Get inspired with ready-made color palettes, font pairings, and headline suggestions.
•Handle multiple brand workspaces and effortlessly switch between design campaigns.
•Best for: Social media managers, digital agencies, and small businesses trying to level up their marketing efforts.
•RelayThat takes the guesswork out of design so you can create on-brand, professional marketing creatives in a fraction of the time..
•With just a few basic ingredients (logo, text, image, and your brand’s HEX code colors), RelayThat conjures up thousands of beautiful designs in every format and size you could want..
•You’ll be able to drag-and-drop your branded content to your heart’s content and publish stunning designs in seconds..
•Insert any URL into their Magic Import feature and even put brackets around keywords you want to stand out — RelayThat does the rest with smart positioning and highlighting features..
•With every change, the entire layout library is instantly updated. And the more you add, the more awesome design options RelayThat lets you pick from (…but I already have a tough time deciding at Coldstone)..
•Say goodbye to tedious hours pushing pixels around to resize and remake images..
•Whether you’re creating banners, ads, or promoting on social media, this tool automatically creates perfectly sized images every time..
•If you’ve got designer’s block, RelayThat jumpstarts your creativity by pointing you in the right creative direction..
•RelayThat includes an extensive collection of preset color palettes, font pairs, and eye-catching headlines that go together like Keenan and Kel..
•No branded assets? No problem!.
•Enhance your designs with over 3 million copyright-free images and icons from the RelayThat library (are you an image from the RelayThat library? ’Cause I’m checking you out)..
•RelayThat constantly tests and updates their Smart Layouts on every channel for maximum engagement and traffic conversion — it’s survival of the trendiest and only the best make it into the design library..
•Like any successful brand, you’ve got multiple clients and projects to juggle..
•In just a few clicks, RelayThat lets you switch between designs and full campaigns with clean and organized folders..
•Plus, with designs this quick and sleek, you’re getting happy clients every time..
•Digital marketers and social media marketers across every industry use RelayThat to create eye-catching graphics without breaking a sweat..
•While free tools might do background resizes, but get stuck with complex layouts..
•Other paid tools have a steep learning curve and require years of design experience..
•You can get with this or you can get with RelayThat, which is designed with beginners in mind and requires zero skill or software installation..
•RelayThat’s innovative features also include image SEO, layouts for book promotions, digital device mockups, and layouts that encourage viewer engagement..
•Amateur designs might look cute on a kid’s lemonade stand (would you just look at that adorable backwards “E” written in crayon?), but it just won’t do for your professional business..
•And while you could hire an expensive design team or painstakingly resize images ‘til the crack of dawn, you shouldn’t have to..
•Instead, let RelayThat do the heavy lifting for you and watch your brand grow!.
•Get lifetime access now!.
•Best Graphic Design Tools of 2020.
•Canva Alternatives.
•PicMonkey Alternatives.
•Adobe Illustrator Alternatives.
•How to Build an eCommerce Business on the Road.
•Actionable Facebook Ad Tips.

Plans and Features

•Features Included in All Plans.
•Lifetime access to RelayThat’s AppSumo Plan.
•You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase.
•One-click Resize/Remix for any layout.
•Custom font uploads.
•All future plan updates.
•60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason.
•One Time Purchase of.
491200•All features above included.
•5 Workspaces.
•Unlimited image downloads.
•2,000+ SmartLayouts.
•3,000,000+ copyright-free photos and icons.
•1 Team Member(s).
•Buy Now (1 code).
981300•10 Workspaces.
•Buy Now (2 codes).
1471400•15 Workspaces.
•2 Team Member(s).
•Select More Codes.
•Buy Now (3 codes).
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