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•Customize your projects and easily collaborate within this clean workspace.
•Run sprints, track productivity and time spent on tasks, and prioritize your tasks through a neat and organized inbox.
•Get detailed reports and graphs on team and project performance, with info on task creation versus close rates.
•Best for: Teams and freelancers looking to increase productivity.
•Ora is a cloud-based project workspace and task management app that helps keep teams organized and in sync..
•Getting your ducks and tasks in a row has never been easier thanks to Ora’s clean and structured layout..
•Ora’s sleek, endless-capability cards help you communicate all necessary information so that everyone is up to speed and on the same page..
•In these cards, you’ll be able to add attachments, @mention anyone, create subtasks, set due dates, track time, and lots more..
•All of your cards and tasks can be compiled into list or Kanban format for your viewing pleasure..
•When it comes to multi-tasking, Ora is multifaceted — a handy inbox lets you organize your tasks from different projects, so you know exactly what you need to do..
•Schedule and plan your to-do list by due date and let Ora’s time tracking tell your team where you’re at and when you’ll be done..
•Ora also gives you a Slack integration on tracked time, manual or automatic logging, CSV exports, and dazzling reports..
•And for dev teams, Ora makes agile sprints a jog in the park with velocity charts of commitment vs. completion, release burndowns, and epic burndown charts..
•Ora doesn’t stop there..
•Milestones allow you to track, filter, close tasks, and get release notes once they’re ready..
•Ora makes it a breeze to create public roadmaps so non-team members can jump on as observers and preview, vote, and comment on tasks in your project..
•With an advanced Git integration, you’ll be able to link your repositories to your Ora project, get live updates, close and reference tasks from commits, and track time from a commit..
•Plus, with task relationships, simple team allocation, and team chat, the list of ways Ora makes your life easier never ends!.
•Teams and freelancers everywhere trust Ora to maximize productivity and collab-ability..
•When you’ve got too many projects going on, the juggle is real. And no matter how swamped you are, task management shouldn’t lead to anger management..
•Ora blows the competition out of the water because it’s actually designed for ease of use..
•You can create and manage projects as simple or as complex as you need them to be..
•Whether you just need a to-do list for the week or you have to run multiple sprints, Ora takes the heat without a sweat..
•You’d be lucky if the competition even runs sprints at all!.
•If your projects look messier than your friends’ group chat when you’re trying to make plans (I saw you typing, Angie!), deadlines could be the death of you..
•Thankfully, you’ve got a powerful task-buster on your side..
•Grab your code while you can!.
•Best Timesheet Apps in 2020.

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•Features Included in All Plans.
•Lifetime access to Ora’s Enterprise Plan.
•Even though your deal is lifetime, you must redeem your code(s) by Sept 1, 2019.
•2 Factor Authentication.
•File encryption.
•Single Sign-On.
•All future plan updates.
•Stack up to 5 codes.
•60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason..
•One Time Purchase of.
39480•All features above included.
•2 users.
•Unlimited projects & tasks.
•Unlimited observers.
•Access to all professional features – See complete list here.
•Sold Out.
78780•4 users.
1171080•6 users.
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