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•Encrypt your cloud storage and access it from anywhere, on any device.
•Mount the drive to your desktop and use it like a physical hard drive.
•Keep version histories of your files so you never lose any changes.
•Best for: solopreneurs, photographers, and everyone in between looking for the best protection for all their files in the cloud.
•Icedrive is a zero-knowledge encryption cloud storage tool to access and share your files from anywhere, on any device..
•Icedrive gives you all of the freedom of cloud storage without compromising your security..
•It’s the only cloud storage service that uses the hyper-secure Twofish encryption algorithm, so you can rest easy knowing your information is locked down like Azkaban..
•Drag-and-drop your files into the web app to access them from anywhere..
•Icedrive’s zero-knowledge, 256-bit encryption means that your information is yours alone — how’s that for privacy?.
•Drag-and-drop your files into the web app for easy uploading and instant access..
•Access your Icedrive on-the-go with the Android or iOS mobile apps..
•You’ll be able to manage all your data from your smart device, including a built-in document viewer and media player for a seamless experience..
•Icedrive even lets you make your files available offline when you’re faced with spotty Wi-Fi..
•You can also automatically upload pictures taken from your mobile camera to make sure you never lose a moment…even if you drop your phone in the toilet (bag of rice — stat!)..
•Use the Icedrive mobile app to access all your files on-the-go or upload directly from your device!.
•Windows users get an extra layer of awesome with the ability to mount the drive to their desktop..
•You’ll get all the functionality of an external hard drive in a virtual format, letting you edit your files directly..
•Any changes are instantly saved across the cloud, as well as version histories for ultimate flexibility and accessibility..
•You’re also able to control the cache size to suit your needs..
•Mount the drive to your desktop for all the benefits of an external hard drive, combined with encrypted cloud storage!.
•Icedrive makes sharing your files a breeze, too..
•Use a public link for ease of access and streamlined collaboration..
•There’s also direct user-to-user sharing for an even more secure experience..
•Any way you slice it, you’re in control of who has access — the only eyes prying into your data are the ones over your shoulder. (…really, Todd?).
•Quickly share your files with a public link or make a password for more protection!.
•Data privacy and security are major concerns for the digital age (along with the age-old dilemma of which Instagram filter to use)..
•When it comes to storing sensitive or personal information, why choose between clunky external drives and vulnerable cloud storage options?.
•Icedrive gives your files all the flexibility of anywhere access with the security of bulletproof encryption..
•Get Icedrive today!.

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Lifetime access to Icedrive
•You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
•All future plan updates
•Stack up to 4 codes
•GDPR Compliant
•Only for new Icedrive users who do not have existing accounts
•60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason
•One Time Purchase of
•All features above included
•1 User
•500 GB Storage
•1 TB Monthly Bandwidth
•Client-Side Encryption
•Password Protection for Shared Files
•Share Timeout
•iOS and Android Mobile Apps
•Web, Windows, Mac, & Linux Apps
•Trash History
•File Versioning
•Sold Out
•1 TB Storage
•2 TB Monthly Bandwidth
•1.5 TB Storage
•3 TB Monthly Bandwidth
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