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•Display customized social proof notifications from purchases, registrations, and more.
•Create unlimited campaigns, each built with different strategies and goals in mind.
•Capture data from any webform or webhook without the need of a third-party platform.
•Best for: E-commerce and service-based businesses who want to build buyer confidence through real-time social proof campaigns.
•Evidence is a platform where you can launch customized social proof notification campaigns to boost conversions..
•While many businesses have figured out how to drive traffic to their site, getting actual conversions can feel a whole lot like chasing chickens. (If those chickens had computers and credit cards.).
•Your target buyers need a little encouragement to follow through with their purchase..
•Evidence helps you build buyer confidence and increase urgency by enabling you to provide real-time social proof of other visitors who have purchased your product or booked services..
•To get started with Evidence, all you have to do is install a single line of code and connect to your website, shopping cart, autoresponder, CRM, or any other marketing tech you use to interact with leads and customers..
•Installing the Evidence pixel is as easy as copy and paste!.
•We all know that FOMO is alive and well. (…Still haven’t forgiven myself for skipping Coachella last year.).
•And the best part is that you can use this to your advantage to improve conversions..
•As more and more social proof notifications pop up on the browser, the visitor will be more likely to make a purchasing decision before leaving the page..
•Got multiple products or services? No problem!.
•With Evidence, you can launch an unlimited number of social proof campaigns, each with different goals..
•Create unlimited social proof campaigns. (Yes, it’s really unlimited.).
•There are different types of social proof that can help boost customer confidence and influence visitors to buy..
•Conversion notifications show real actions taken by real customers, whether it’s a purchase, download, or appointment booking..
•Streaks show when your product or service is totally crushing it by displaying the number of site visits, purchases, registrations, or downloads in a certain period of time..
•Tap into customer FOMO by displaying the visitor count to show how many people are visiting the site or looking at a particular product at the same time..
•You can also deliver targeted, well-timed messages like information about flash sales or new products/services to site visitors with announcements..
•Choose the types of social proof notifications you want to display to your audience..
•With Evidence, you can customize your notifications to align with your branding and artistic vision..
•Choose the image, shape, shadow, background, and border of your notifications so they seamlessly blend into your site..
•Customize the timing and animations of your notifications so they fit your personal preferences..
•Create display rules to dictate where and when your social proof notifications will be displayed based on your unique criteria..
•Live Editor enables you to build attractive notifications that match your branding..
•Some marketing actions may leave you guessing as to their impact. (Did those branded stress relief balls actually lead to any sales?).
•And while word-of-mouth is often hard to measure, social proof can be tracked through Evidence..
•In the dashboard, you have access to real-time metrics, allowing you to see how many impressions your social proof notifications have made and how many people are taking action..
•Get all the data and metrics you need from the Evidence dashboard..
•It’s time to show the world how awesome your products and services really are..
•Evidence gives you all the tools you need to provide real-time social proof right on your website..
•Start encouraging website visitors to become part of your cult—we mean, crew..
•Get lifetime access to Evidence now!.
•Optimize Your WordPress Site for SEO and Conversions.

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•All future plan updates
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•GDPR Compliant
•Only for new Evidence users who do not have existing accounts
•60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason
•One Time Purchase of
•All features above included
•50,000 Visits per month
•3 User accounts
•Unlimited domains
•Unlimited notifications
•Visitor Counts
•Boomerang Tabs
•Notification prioritization
•Weekly/monthly summary reports
•All Integrations including SendFox, WishList Member, Zapier and more
•Light Evidence Branding
•Unlimited Sub-user accounts
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•100,000 Visits per month
•5 User accounts
•Removable Branding
•6 Sub-user accounts
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•150,000 Visits per month
•10 User accounts
•Replaceable Branding
•9 Sub-user accounts
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