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Object Storage







Object Storage

– Pay only for the data you store or transfer out of your buckets.
– We Object Storage supports the S3 API, enabling easy integration with S3-enabled applications and third party tools.
– Object storage scales on demand, provides high data reliability, and reduces management complexity.
– Your application data is automatically cloned 3 times to ensure high availability and data durability.
– Easily expand and shrink your storage requirement by adding or removing objects, and pay only for what you use!
– An NVMe caching layer turbocharges performance to ensure frequently-accessed data is readily available.
– Leverage object storage to provide inexpensive, reliable, and hugely scalable storage for your application’s data.
– Easily store static media assets for your applications, such as images, audio, and video. Increase or reduce usage as needed, without maintaining complicated storage clusters!
– Leverage the S3-API or utilize object storage backup solutions from popular platforms like cPanel, WordPress, and more!
– Create CDN origin points, store cloud-native application data, archive large data sets, save historical logs, set up disaster recovery, and more – the possibilities are endless!