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Best & Cheapest Linux Vps







Best & Cheapest Linux Vps

– 20Gbps of automatic protection in New York. 500Gbps of protection optional in Los Angeles.
– All of our servers in our various locations have four or more Solid State drives in RAID 10.
– Available in our main locations; for more locations options see our Premium KVM plans.
– We provide semi-managed support at no extra charge. Our support is extremely helpful.
– You may select Windows on many of the packages in our Premium KVM line of services.
– Bring your own operating system. You can ask us to upload your own ISO, up to 2GB, free.
– The premium line of services allow you to purchase dedicated cores and higher disk usage.
– Select up to 10Gbps network speed, and get up to 50Gbps of DDoS filtering free in New York.
– More servers are available at any time, which means you can get the location you desire.
– You can purchase additional IP addresses, customize your disk space, and more.