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About Siteground-Managed Cloud Hosting

Guaranteed Resources•If your site has outgrown the shared hosting solutions it’s time to move to the cloud. Our cloud platform offers powerful dedicated resources and is optimized for efficiency and speed that guarantees a top performance of your site.
Fully Managed Service•Our most experienced devops configure and manage your cloud account. We know that a growing business needs more maintenance on all levels. By taking care of the IT aspect, we allow you to focus on other more important business issues.
Easy Scaling For Growing Businesses•Our cloud platform is ready for your growth. You can add CPU and RAM at any time with a click. You can also use our unique auto-scale option, which automatically adds more resources in time of unexpected traffic spikes, preventing traffic loss and downtime.
Easy Management Of Sub-Accounts•You can easily host your own clients on your Cloud account. Our account management interface allows you to create multiple stand-alone hosting accounts under your cloud account and provide each user with access to their respective control panel.
Easy Start & Managed Updates•Our cloud plans include easy onboarding for new and existing sites and managed WordPress and WooCommerce auto-updates.
Staging, Git & WP-CLI•We make your WordPress and WooCommerce development flow easier with a convenient staging tool and Git and WP-CLI integration.
Dynamic Caching & More•Speed up your WordPress and Woo sites with our SG Optimizer plugin through smart dynamic caching and multiple other performance optimizations.
SSH & SFTP•You get direct SSH access to your cloud account and can also take advantage of SFTP for secure file transfer and management.
Dedicated IP•The cloud account provides you with the independence and peace of mind of having your own Dedicated IP.
Free CDN•We offer a free Cloudflare CDN service to make your site faster when you have visitors from different geographical locations.
Free SSL•We automatically issue free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for every domain that we detect as hosted on your cloud plan.
Daily Backups•We back up your account daily and keep 7 offsite copies! We also give you an option to create instant backups in a click when needed.
Collaboration Tools•You can easily add collaborators, ship sites to clients, and give your clients whitelabel access to their site’s Site Tools.
Advanced expertise•By our best agents
Available 24/7•Always there to help
Amazingly Fast•Quick pickup & resolution
Highly rated•By our customers

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