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$634.76 /month

Hosted Private Cloud

– Hosted Private Cloud has been designed with the same platform you are currently using for on-premises infrastructures — including vSphere, vCenter and NSX. Get more out of services you are already familiar with, built on the foundations of the VMware Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC).
– With a global infrastructure hosted across four continents, get high-performance dedicated resources available on demand, at an unbeatable price. Depending on how your requirements change over time, you can easily add and remove computing capacity and storage — without any compromise on performance.
– Since your servers are dedicated to your workloads, you can build a highly-available infrastructure across multiple host clusters. They can replicate your data across datacentres with a high-capacity private network, isolation rules and strict redundancy.
– Hosted Private Cloud combines the scalability of the cloud with a 100% dedicated hardware infrastructure. Our platform is virtualised using VMware technology, and is completely managed by us. Simply create unlimited virtual machines (VMs) from the vSphere interface.
– Our starter packs include two hosts, which you can choose the size of — and two datastores for storing your data. These elements are entirely dedicated to you, and have a very high level of security. Migrate quickly to a private cloud hosted by OVHcloud, with 1-hour delivery.
– The vSphere Enterprise Plus licence is included, so that you can create and manage your virtual machines with total flexibility, on 100% dedicated resources.
– Designed with cutting-edge Intel hardware, you can natively integrate your vSAN hypervisor — giving you optimal performance and minimal latency.
– This network virtualisation service works with NSX. It integrates a firewall, a load balancer, and security rules via vSphere.
– When you order a Hosted Private Cloud solution, we deliver a dedicated infrastructure in just one hour. It is pre-configured (vCenter) and ready-to-use via the vSphere interface, so all you need to do is deploy your virtual machines.
– Need more hardware resources to create new VMs? You can add and remove datastores at any time. These resources are pre-configured, delivered to your infrastructure in 30 minutes, and have both hourly and monthly billing options.
– If an incident occurs on any of your hosts, you will not need to contact us. The hosts are automatically replaced with identical or equivalent hosts. With delivery guaranteed in less than 15 minutes (100% SLA) and automatic rebooting for your VMs (VMware HA feature included), your infrastructure is available 24/7.
– Once you have placed an order for a Hosted Private Cloud solution, you can access the vSphere hypervisor an hour later. From this interface, you can create VMs to suit your needs, projects, workloads, and much more. This means you are not limited to a catalogue of virtual machines. You can choose exactly what you need — vRAM, vCPU, storage capacity and network rules — for each VM deployment.
– Our partnership with VMware is the reason you can benefit from all of their technological innovations. This is also why the Hosted Private Cloud provides the best of VMware virtualisation with vSphere, Software-Defined Network technologies with NSX, Software-Defined Storage with VSAN, and the advanced management solution vRealize Operations for full flexibility managing your infrastructure.
– With our VMware expertise, we can add features directly in vSphere. On top of adding and removing resources via the interface, you can also run outage simulations with the Resilience Test service. This way, you can test your redundancy and reboot mechanisms.
– You can get the very most out of your infrastructure, use 100% of your resources, and offer all the guarantees you need for both your business and your customers.
– Your data is hosted in the cloud, so you have full control over it. With our Hosted Private Cloud solution, you choose your datacentre and hardware. VMware licences, unlimited traffic and guaranteed bandwidth are all included.
– The Hosted Private Cloud solution is available in our Strasbourg and Roubaix datacentres in France, Beauharnois in Canada, Frankfurt in Germany, London in the UK, Warsaw in Poland, and Vint Hill and Hillsboro in the US. Deploy your infrastructure in one or more datacentres, and get OVHcloud solutions to build your hybrid cloud infrastructure.