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Ssl Gateway

– OVH takes care of everything: management, deployment, automatic certificate renewal and security updates.
– HTTPS has become the web standard, it has a positive impact on your SEO, guarantees the authenticity of your site, and inspires visitors’ trust in your website.
– Get the best security for your website, protect yourself from attacks thanks to OVH anti-DDOS and help build a safer web.
– Defend yourself from L3-L4 attacks thanks to our anti-ddos solution and our network capacity (10.3 TB). It has already proven itself against SYNFLOOD, REPLAY and several other attacks. Developed internally, the OVH solution is based on FPGA chips specialised in filtering internet traffic, combining speed and real-time response. Our developers are currently working on new security algorithms for this platform.
– Our preset configurations can be tailored to your needs and to various web browsers (HSTS, OCSP, ALPN pour HTTP2). Our experts work closely with crytopgraphy specialists and this is why we are using TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 with various security levels, as well as managing your 4096-bit keys on encrypted partitions.
– Take advantage of OVH’s expertise when deploying your infrastructure. Activation is simple, renewal is automatic and without any downtime. A global network is at your disposal for your worldwide deployments with anycast (companies only). Our automation process gives you the freedom to scale up your services based on your needs as well as autorepair mechanisms.
– Based on its solid experience with internet traffic, OVH has selected hardware especially designed for SSL termination, web filtering and fault tolerance. The infrastructure is scalable (multi-master) and redundant: your instances are distributed over several server racks powered by a minimum of 2 electrical outlets and connected to different network components.