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$ 55/month

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99.99% UPTIME GUARANTEED:If your DV server ever falls short, you get 20% of your monthly hosting cost back for each 20 minutes of downtime that month.
ALL SSD DRIVES:We’ve got solid-state technology at every turn, so your data and databases perform faster and more reliably than with a clockwork of moving HDD parts.
ON-DEMAND SCALING:Business booming? Log into your Account Center anytime and upgrade your plan level at the tap of a button. Most upgrades occur instantly.
ELITE DATA CENTERS:Our data centers rank among the world’s best. Armed security, redundant power, fire suppression, and raised floors all protect your sites and data.
Have It All with Dedicated:Typically, each physical server is shared by a handful of users on different VPS plans. With Dedicated, you get the entire box to yourself. It’s our most powerful option short of the AWS cloud.