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Scalability – 3:Clustered architecture handles traffic spikes well. Limited options to deal with scaling needs.
Flexibility -4:Support for numerous apps and content management systems as well as custom-coded sites.
Ease – 8:A streamlined, house-built control panel filled with 1-click installs of popular apps and a simple file manager.
Power – 5:Uniquely designed to give small-scale sites considerable performance.
GLOBAL CDN:Grid Pro & Elite plans include a content delivery network run by the renowned Sucuri team, which uses intelligent caching, content optimization, and a global network of secure data centers to make your sites load faster than ever, no matter where your visitors are connecting from.
ADVANCED SECURITY:Grid Pro & Elite plans include Media Temple Security — a powerful platform for monitoring and cleaning your sites, powered by Sucuri’s acclaimed expertise. Grid Elite also comes with Sucuri’s web application firewall for an extra layer of security against app vulnerabilities.
PRIVATE MYSQL CONTAINER:Sites running ecommerce and other demanding applications benefit from the added reliability and performance of the Grid Elite plan. A non-shared single instance of MySQL Server isolates critical resources, giving you a boost while still delivering the cost savings of a shared solution.