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– Liquid Web’s managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provide you with the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting. Our managed VPS hosting options are ideal solutions if you require the control of a dedicated server but need to keep your monthly costs down. Monitoring your servers, mitigating risk, and optimizing performance, our support team is here to help. Our Most Helpful Humans in Hosting® are available 24/7/365 to assist in finding the best hosting solutions that meet your business needs. As a trusted provider, Liquid Web continues to lead the way in customer loyalty and performance with an NPS score of 67.
– Get free data transfers for all inbound GB bandwidth and 5TB bandwidth on a fast GB network.
– Get centralized hosting management and complete server control for all of your websites and servers.
– Easily manage your servers with system-level control that includes automated updates, application deployment, and maintenance.
– Offset performance load to worldwide servers to speed up your site and enhance security protection.
– Optimize security settings with exclusive ServerSecure protection available for fully managed Window and Linux servers.
– Ensure business resiliency with firewalls that act as the first line of defense protecting your servers from malicious Internet traffic.
– Get real-time monitoring to mitigate traffic and shield your website and server from sudden attacks.
– Take full control of your server with root-level access for complete management control of your server environment.
– Upgrade or downgrade your VPS service with limited downtime on your server.
– Enhance performance, speed, and protection for your websites from a secure dedicated IP address.
– Get both 100% guaranteed power and network uptime assurance for all major routing devices within the network.