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About Liquidweb-Private Vps Parent

Features•A dedicated cloud server where you can deploy virtual instances
Features•Deploy both Linux & Windows VPS instances on the same Cloud Server
Features•A great Private VPS Parent solution for Resellers, Agencies and Enterprises
It’s easy to create virtual instances and configure them exactly as you wish.•Move, resize, clone, and destroy virtual instances in your private VPS parent. Resize the RAM, Adjust the Disk Size, Configure the Number of Cores. Once your virtual instances are created, you have the ability to move them between your Private VPS Parent servers or even into the public cloud platform.
Launch a network of Private VPS Parent servers to create your infrastructure.•Whether you’re configuring a Private VPS Parent environment for your enterprise or creating a network of virtual instances for your clients as a reseller, the Private VPS Parent is a perfect fit. The ability to create an entire cloud infrastructure that is completely controlled by you, without the security or compliance concerns of shared platforms, opens up a great deal of possibilities for anyone from resellers to developers and beyond.
Engineered for Peace of Mind•Free Standard DDoS Protection, Free CloudFlare CDN, Free ServerSecure Security, Free Gigabit Uplink, Interworx, Plesk, and cPanel Available, Single-Tenant Servers, Root access via SSH, 100% Uptime SLAs, Dedicated IP Address, SSD Storage
Essential Services for Your Private VPS Parent Server•Load Balancers, VPN, CDN, Integrated Backups, Block Storage, Object Storage, Firewalls, Premium Business Email,

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