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$199 Per Month

About Liquidweb-Managed Dedicated Servers

Premium Business Email•Includes Mail, Calendar, Contacts & Tasks, Secure POP/IMAP or Microsoft Exchange, Free Migrations
Acronis Cyber Backups•Encrypted Backups, Web-based Interface for Managing Backups, Complete Data Protection
Available Operating Systems for Dedicated Servers•With up-to-date tools, fine-grained controls and refreshed life cycles, we offer our users the latest offerings for Windows Dedicated Servers and Linux Dedicated Servers.
We’re Focused on Web Professionals, Like You•We recognize that companies who sites are powering their business know their success is tied to more than just infrastructure. They want a team who is always on, always vigilant and always there to help. We’re your team. Monitoring your servers, mitigating risk, optimizing performance. And if you need support, with one of our technicians quickly and on your first contact. Everything we do is about being that partner you can trust.

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