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Hipaa Compliant Data Centers & Solutions







Hipaa Compliant Data Centers & Solutions

– Continuous Backups
– Incremental Snapshots
– Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery
– High Performance, Low System Impact
– cPanel Administration Plugin
– MySQL Database Plugin
– Disk Safe Data Encryption Available
– Wholly owned Core Data Centers
– Fully Managed Servers
– Locked Server Cabinets Included
– Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Available
– 24/7/365 On-Site Support
– Offsite Backup Available
– High Availability Infrastructure
– Extensive Administrative, Physical & Administrative Safeguards
– Hardware Cisco Firewall Devices Available with Full Management
– Qualified Engineers Available 24/7/365
– Assistance with Hardware Firewall Configuration
– Outbound and Inbound Traffic Filtering Available
– Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention Modules Available
– Network Redundancy Ensures Failover
– Diverse Connectivity Fiber Paths Into Building
– Dedicated Meet-Me Room
– Bandwidth Co-Op solutions
– Carrier Neutral
– On-net transport to most major global cities
– Remote Secure VPN Implementations and Management Available
– Encryption (Triple DES or AES)
– Authentication (Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels) with Strong Passwords, Pre-Shared Key and Certificate
– DMZ Implementations
– Assistance with Log Management and Monitoring
– We have innovated on top of our exclusive ServerSecure™ installation service. A setup option available for our dedicated servers, ServerSecure™ ensures optimal compatibility, paramount integrity and the most efficient usage of your server/servers. We have upgraded this service to iron-clad standards by adding daily Malware scans and a multitude of server hardening features available exclusively to those opting for ServerSecurePLUS™. What would have taken hours of installation work and the help of an outside system administrator, is now at your fingertips with the help of ServerSecure™ and ServerSecurePLUS™. Brute Force Detection and Evasion, Apache DOS Prevention/Protection, E-Mail Virus Filtering
– Daily Malware Scan
– SSH/cPanel/FTP Hardening
– Webserver & PHP Hardening
– Monthly Nessus® Vulnerability Scans
– DDOS Attack Protection/Mitigation
– Detect and Block Emerging Application-Layer DDoS Attacks
– Deploy a Turnkey Solution to Stop Threats
– Accelerate Responses to DDoS Attacks
– Prevent Illegitimate Botnet Communications
– Leverage Real-time Security Intelligence
– Mitigate Volumetric Attacks
– Block Illegitimate traffic from Costing you Money in Bandwidth Charges
– We Specialize in Custom