$1,300.00/25 users


– Automate your workflow – let Upsource analyze your code and track the progress, while you focus on improvements.
– Participate in discussions and manage your reviews without leaving the comfort of your IDE.
– Explore new changes in the browser with IDE-like navigation, reply by email, and never miss an important change.
– Spot parts of your project in need of a developers’ attention, such as hotspots and abandoned files.
– Spread responsibilities and make sure no part of the code is “owned” by a sole developer.
– New team members can quickly learn how the project has evolved and discover the responsibility scopes of other team members.
– Discuss changes, @mention others, react to comments, and unlock achievements as you discover new features and help your teammates!
– Easily make Upsource part of your process: integrate it with issue trackers, CI servers, and sync with GitHub.
– Don’t worry about outgrowing Upsource! No matter how large your team becomes or how many projects you have, Upsource can handle it.
– In Upsource 2019.1 we have added a whole new type of review. Merge reviews let you check the changes that will be merged into the selected branch and find any conflicts before merging.
– A new custom workflow takes care of adding and removing the review labels when reviews are created and revisions are added to a review.
– You can now provide additional information about the changes and review objectives in the dedicated review description section.