– Define the team once and reuse it in all areas. When you add teams to projects, every team member automatically gets access to all project resources, including version control, code reviews, automation, CI/CD, and issues.
– When someone updates a code review, creates an issue, or posts a comment to the blog, you get notifications for all of these events directly in chats. React in place, or add them to your to-do list.
– By posting your availability in Space, your colleagues see your status when they try to reach you with a message, a mention, a task, or code review.
– Clone your project repositories. Avoid merge conflicts by viewing who is working on the same file. Mute notifications automatically when writing and debugging code.
– Start new projects in no time without having to bother your IT team with requests. Invite the whole team or individual members to participate in your project.
– Access everything you need to stay on top of communication while in the office or on a business trip
– The desktop app is packed full of features and provides an enhanced experience for notifications and chats. It runs on Windows, macOS, or Linux.
– Reply to chats, read blog updates, and post comments. Team members’ schedules, statuses, and contact details are just a tap away.
– Space can be easily customized and extended to meet the unique needs of your organization: HTTP API, Webhooks, and Client SDK to integrate with external tools. Flexible customization and in-product automation with custom fields and Kotlin workflows to fit specific processes and organizational structures. Applications as the way to configure, reuse and share extensions.
– Both options are available, so it’s up to you to decide: Cloud – Available as a service hosted by JetBrains. On-premises – Host your own instance on your hardware or in the cloud.