– One-click navigation to YouTrack issues from discussions, code reviews, and commit messages. Create an issue based on a code review from Upsource
– View comments on a revision or review that mentions the issue in its name, View the commits where an issue is mentioned, Apply YouTrack commands from a commit comment
– Set the Fixed in build value automatically, Navigate to the VCS changes directly from issues, Apply commands to the issues from a commit comment
– Hub makes sure that across all the JetBrains team tools used in your team, a user can log in once and stay authenticated throughout. A variety of authentication ways are supported including LDAP, Google, GitHub, and built-in authentication. Hub can also be used as an Identity Provider to log in to third-party services that support SAML 2.0 authentication.
– Hub manages a single database of users, groups, roles, permissions and projects, and shares it among all connected YouTrack and Upsource installations, effectively serving as an authentication and authorization server.
– Create a new project in Hub and apply it to your Upsource and YouTrack installations by creating the corresponding projects in both.
– Hub provides a Dashboard to track issues, commits, build status, and code reviews in your project(s). The Dashboard pulls data from YouTrack, Upsource, and TeamCity. Extend the functionality of your dashboards by uploading and installing custom widgets!
– If one or several commit messages refer to a YouTrack issue ID, you can enjoy a two-way sync between YouTrack and Upsource: Navigate to the related issue from a set of changes or a code review in Upsource, and see the related changes when viewing the issue.
– Whenever a code review or a source code discussion in Upsource has revealed a problem that isn’t practical to resolve right away, you can quickly create a new issue in YouTrack to describe the problem and plan who will work on it in the future.
– Whenever you’re looking at TeamCity’s Change Log or Change Details view, TeamCity’s Hub plugin gives you a choice of using the TeamCity built-in diff viewer or one of two diff views available in Upsource. This feature will be available in the next version of Hub plugin for TeamCity.