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About Interserver-Blog Hosting

$1.99 DOMAIN•When you purchase any of our blog hosting plans, you may be eligible for claiming a $1.99 domain name.
BLOG OPTIMIZED SERVERS•As you are paying specifically for a blog hosting plan, your blog will be hosted on servers that are specially optimized for them. It simply means your website will load faster.
DAILY BACKUPS•You wont need help from any third party software or service to make a backup of your blog. Your data will be backed up in our secure cloud servers on a regular basis.
ON-DEMAND RESOURCES•If your blog is getting heavy traffics for any particular day or event, then you can ask us for on-demand resources. We have flexible plans that let you upgrade or downgrade the existing plan anytime.
ROUND THE CLOCK SECURITY•Your blog security and data protection are entirely on us. Our dedicated A.I. software keeps monitoring your site 24×7. Our experts manually check the hosted blogs to protect them from hacking or illegal takeovers.
1-CLICK INSTALLATIONS•No matter what kind of script you choose from our 300+ options for your blog, you can easily install them with our 1-click installation feature. No need to follow endless guides; It is simple enough that a novice can make the website live in a few minutes.
MOST AFFORDABLE BLOG HOSTING SERVICE•Nowadays, anyone from students to professionals wants to have their personal, commercial, or blog website. We understand that buying a costly hosting package is not a cup of tea for everyone. Considering this, we came up with an affordable hosting solution that lets anyone start their blogging journey with the price of a pizza.
99.9% UPTIME GUARANTEE•No one wants their visitor or customer to experience a non-reachable website. One can simply ignore this when it’s a new website with few visitors, but once your website is doing well and you are getting thousands of visitors regularly, then you will know how important the uptime is. It is important for your blog to stay available 24×7 without any downtime and to fulfill this, we promise you to host your blog on servers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH•Most hosting plans come with an unlimited bandwidth promise, but in reality they limit resources. This means once you exceed the limit of the package, you will need to buy additional bandwidth and resouces to continue running your blog without any interruptions. You will be glad to know that our unlimited bandwidth comes with an unlimited promise, no hidden conditions. Enjoy the unlimited bandwidth seamlessly.
WORDPRESS EXPERTS•Blogging and website content management system accelerated by the world’s fastest browser, Nginx. InterServer’s accelerator WordPress runs on a VPS and is pre-installed with the latest WordPress version and preconfigured with FastCGI, Nginx caching and Xcache php caching software.

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