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About Interserver-Asp.Net Web Hosting

FREE MIGRATION SERVICE•For a standard shared hosting migration please have a full cpanel backup ready for download. You do not need to upload it to your new interserver shared hosting account, however, doing so will save some time. The current interserver account should have no data in it, as the backup will overwrite any data.
50% SERVER CAPACITY•Utilizing only 50% of available resources allows us to support the growth of our customer’s websites without experiencing performance issues.
GUARANTEED EMAIL•InterServer shared hosting offers guaranteed email delivery of valid, non-spam, and non-bulk emails through the shared hosting service with the addition of compromised email detection and spam blocking. A compromised email account will be automatically detected preventing problems such as IP blacklisting. See our Private Email Hosting page for more details.
$1.99 DOMAIN REGISTRATION•Rebgistergister or Transfer your domain for $1.99 with the purchase of any web hosting package.

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