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$40 per hour

About Inmotionhosting-Managed Hosting

Enhanced Security Measures•Tell us your concerns, and we’ll implement the best solutions to keep your server locked up. From setting up CSF/LFD or OSSsec, we’ll get you secured.
Best-Fit Solutions•We provide you with solutions that you need to succeed. We can implement NGINX, modify your my.cnf file for performance, or create custom server setups.
Fast, Accurate Responses•We have years of web hosting experience and know how to find the right answers. Whether calling our direct line, or submitting a ticket through email, we’ll get you the answer quickly.
Platform Optimization•With extensive platform optimization experience, we can implement the right solution for you. From setting up Varnish caching and APC, to tuning your LAMP environment, we have you covered.
Giving You Back Time•Many tasks can and should be automated. We setup server side crons to take care of these needlessly time consuming tasks for you.
Uptime Solutions•Taking time to understand your application is an important part of our process. We do this to maximize uptime and ensure your application does not negatively impact server performance.

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