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Inmotionhosting-Enterprise Dedicated Hosting Solutions




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$310.99 Per Month

About Inmotionhosting-Enterprise Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Easy Server Management•OS & cPanel security patches/ updates, 2 hour hardware replacement
RAID Configuration•Improves database performance, I/O and ensures that frequently used data is stored for fast retrieval
100% Factory Built•Our servers are 100% factory built and tested, resulting in higher quality and more reliable hardware
FREE SSD Drives•20x Faster Than HDDs
Fast RAID Cards•512MB Non-Volatile Cache
Quality Servers•Dell or Lenovo Built & Tested
RAM Upgrades•Get up to 512GB
Tier 1 Network•Redundant Bandwidth Providers
Expert Server Setup•Get Started with Launch Assist
Managed Hosting•Solutions for Complex Problems
30 Day Guarantee•Try Us Risk Free
24/7 Premier Support™•Support is a Phone Call Away
cPanel & WHM Included•$425 a Year Value
Expert Server Setup•We are here to ensure your server is setup according to your needs. Professional Consultation, Platform optimization, Custom server solutions, Data Migration
Managed Hosting•Get a team that’s dedicated to you. Managed Hosting is here to understand your needs and provide you with solutions that accomplish your goals. Best-fit solutions, Application optimization, Full system administration, Advanced hosting solutions
Server Upgrades•Increase the performance of these already powerful servers. Call today and ask about dedicated server upgrades. Super-fast 1 TB SSDs, Up to 512 GB Registered ECC RAM, Remote Management KVM, Cisco ASA Hardware Firewalls
Easy Server Management•We not only install your operating system’s security patches, we also proactively check and confirm they are updated for limited security risks. Additionally, we update your cPanel so you always have access to the newest and most stable cPanel & WHM features. Our 2-hour hardware replacement guarantee is an additional peace-of-mind service, where we replace any faulty hardware within 2 hours of notification.
RAID Configuration•Hardware RAID cards with RAM Cache dramatically improve read and write performance. This is critical for database performance and for other I/O sensitive software. Our Cache is Non-Volatile (NV) so it retains data properly in case of a power failure. Other hosts often use battery backed RAM which means they will need to shut down your server to replace the battery when it goes bad. We use different RAID levels but RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 6 all mean your data exists on more than one disk drive to guard against data loss due to drive failure. You can choose RAID 5 or RAID 6 when you have 4 or more drives. RAID 5 can tolerate one drive failure and continue to run. RAID 6 can tolerate two drive failures. RAID 6 has a write speed penalty compared to RAID 5 since it writes to more drives for each write operation. All RAID reduce the available disk space to the Operating System. For example, the available drive space with (4) 500GB drives with RAID 5 is 1.5TB and with RAID 6 is 1TB. For (2) 250GB Drives in a RAID 1 the available space is 250GB.
100% Factory Built•Unlike other hosting companies, we do not have any “Frankenstein” servers which are built cheaply from an assembly of parts, that has a inherent risk of incompatible hardware resulting in downtime issues. InMotion Hosting has 100% factory built servers from Dell and Lenovo. All the parts of your server have been optimized to run in sync, thus a lower chance of hardware failure and improved server performance.

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