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About Inmotionhosting-Cloud Vps

Complete Control•Get full root access and your choice of Linux OS including CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian
High Performance•Deploy on a lightning-fast cloud platform with built-in redundancy to ensure reliability and availability
Enterprise Security•Your cloud infrastructure is secure with our world-class network, DDOS defense, SSH keys, and firewalls
High Availability•Infrastructure Redundancy
Secure DDoS Defense•Real-time Bandwidth Protection
Full Server Snapshots•Real-Time Server Images
Choose Your OS•Flexible for Web Professionals
Low-Latency Network•Fast Pings From IXPs
100% Intel CPUs•Ultra-Fast Processing
Enterprise Hardware•Lightning Fast SSD I/O
Simple Control Panel•Easily Manage Your Account
All-In-One Platform•Host Apps, Email, and DBs
Code In More Languages•Install Java, Ruby, and More

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